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Home Career Astrology : Sun In 3rd House Or Third Bhava

Career Astrology : Sun in 3rd house or third bhava

Career AstrologyBhava says that the Sun in 3rd house makes one brave and famous. Such a native may be wealthy too. The Sun in 3rd house gives intellect and valour according to Varaha Mihira. Sphuji dhwaja says that the Sun in third house may endow one with superior job, servents, ruling power, conveyances and high position. Sun in 3rd house the person should be helpfull to poor with required food. Should not get evel effect in life. 

Sun is perceived as potent celestial presence providing supreme strength to individuals besides which it is vigor and luminosity of human lives. Placement of Sun in 3rd house is bestowing valor and vigor to person which would brighten their life path. 

These individuals get stronger minds and have core strength for a long life. Apart from this, they are free souls who possess an optimistic approach with life making them flexible in their attitudes. Individuals who possess Sun in 3rd house are efficient talkers though they speak at right time with right words expressing a right form leaving great impressions. 

Their words would explore with their wisdom and intellect. Presence of Sun in 3rd house also makes them aggressive with over confidence. It brings good affluence and brothers to the individual along with divine blessings but malefic placement of Sun. Native individuals serve needy or poor or guests with rice or milk, they need to stay away from evil and immoral pursuits while respecting mother for reducing any malefic effects of Sun.

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