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Significance of Sun in Eleventh House - Astrovalley

Career AstrologyBhrigu says that the Sun in 11th house makes one very wealthy and prosperous. Such a native is skilled in Speech. He rules over his subordinates. The Sun in Leo or Aries or even friendly signs makes one very powerful. If the Sun in Leo is combined with the 4th lord, the native may be vested with huge financial powers. The natives of Sun in eleventh house should keep away him from hard drinks & non vegetarian food.

Astrology is a great science of foretelling future events in a person’s life. In a given changing events and unsure future people like to understand  their well being and to prolong welfare they want astrology science to help themselves. By using tenets of this science they can be better off if not worse situation than before.

The position of Sun as a supreme celestial being in astrological arena is perceived positive benefic. Sun is considered the supreme being of the celestial bodies who is ever providing grace and light to humans. In this astrological arena this influence of Sun in 11th house brings goodness and happiness in individual’s life. It is amongst positive placements in all astrological studies.


Sun in 11th house is a purely benign position that showers strong affluence with great success to country of the native leading to a happy and satisfied life. Individuals who are born under Sun in 11th house are sincere and determined towards goals while they are also believed to have great achievements and recognition to their life. They desire to grow to ever higher mounts while giving their best to high goals.


Native individuals in the Sun in 11th house are truly humanitarian with approach while carrying pleasant relation to people around them. These individuals are living free while they don’t stay longer in any relationship costing them great freedom and more space.

Individuals under this sign are set to be friends with mostly all people though there can be exceptions too. They receive great admiration and respect while people support them with more confidence in their growth. Individuals with Sun in 11th house stay away from biases and prejudices. Individuals of this placement are true friends from core keeping relations truly alive till most possible length. These are flexible friends while they seek harmony and peace in their life.


Native individuals with Sun in 11th house placement stay vegetarian, have good favors from government. Positive placement of Sun makes person stand dominant with professional and personal areas. If moon is placed in 5th house with the benefit of Sun could still receive malefic impact resulting to short span of life. Individuals from the placement of Sun in 11th house need to stay away from immoral drinks and food. Individuals must keep almonds and radishes near head of bed in the night while they can offer it to temple the very next day to bring longer life and good children.

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