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Effect of Sun in Eighth House |Placement of Sun - Astrovalley

Career Astrology :†Bhrigu says that the Sun in eighth house may make one more famous but less wealthy. If the 8th lord be strong. It may make one a prosperous person. Sphuji Dhwaja says that it will not give much wealth. Yavaneshwar says that it may make one wander a lot in connection with job. Sun in eighth house gives a positive and vibrant approach towards life.

With the celestial arena and stellar influences, the Sun placement in individualís life has a pleasant as also adverse impact which would depend on planetary placements in a horoscope prediction chart. Sun in 8th house brings about a positive impact upon individualís life.

Native individuals under the placement of sun in 8th house can carry positive with wise approach in their life. These people can observe life until itís depth while perceiving a real meaning besides which they are sincere with their approach. They respect each otherís differences, values and understand each otherís sensitivity as well. Individuals are humanitarian people with good wishes for human kind. People from this placement of Sun in 8th house are creative people with imagination which goes far beyond. Individuals can see deeper and grow well in artistic and creative pursuit while being vigorous and dynamic people well suited for professions like banking, stock market, comprising investigation and research.

These natives keep learning of every life aspect while those who do not are satisfied easily as they would accomplish and attain at its whole. These individuals would give their best efforts to achieve best form in their lifestyle without anything going waste. They lead a peaceful and calmed life. In later years, they have emerged high on knowledge and attain real inner growth towards supreme truth. Natives receive benefits from government after 22 years of age if Sun in 8th house placement can stay beneficial besides which they attain good success and power to life.

The individualís under this placement of Sun in 8th house are blessed with supreme picture of life at high stature in social and professional arena. Besides malefic presence of Sun in 8th house there are difficulties in nativeís life while placement of Sun in 2nd house brings financial crisis to the person. This makes aggressive nature with impatience to approach.

Individuals have Sun in 8th house never keep white cloth in their house while never living in house facing south. They can eat anything of sweets and drink water before start of their work. They can throw a copper coin in burning pyre to a fullest extent possible or throw gur in running water for benefic results.

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