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Career astrology : Sun in Scorpio

Career astrology If the Sun occupies Scorpio, the native may do well in military, police, ordnance factories, fire fighting works, doctorship and manufacture of drugs, narcotics. In our view one may do well in the secret career services. Native with Sun in Scorpio will be a jealous, Unlucky wife (could lose his wife), attracted to other womens.Sun in Scorpio makes one miser also. 

Experience great heights with Sun in Scorpio 
During period of year from Oct 23 to Nov 21, there is absolutely more influence from Sun in Scorpio. The individual native is keen to throw their wholehearted effort in every task they take up. There is a greater depth to people born in the Sun in Scorpio sign which can be rather intimidating. 

Often it is taking you to revealing little while intuitively bringing around everything to them. There is no instant friendship while it would also mean there is time taken to win the trust of wary Scorpio. With the sun in Scorpio you would find them to have their own mind. Their primary motivation is to be unlikely a factor to prestige or authority when it is real power. I could be behind the scene variety while they seem to go about it with lot of willpower. 

They inherit a vast and turbulent kind of psychic interior making them intense. They are expecting to know their desire and would not just grab at wrong moments. This patience is drawing powerful skills with strategy at workplace. They are not afraid of getting hands dirty, while dark emotions intrigue them to power, jealousy and investigation too. 

They would simply never give up. With tremendous staying power they would not get intimidated, till they reach goals. Scorpios are reflective when asked or probed and it is almost always the trauma which follows them wherever they go. When Scorpios learn optimism, they find power of heal, creating and transform for themselves. 

Sun in Scorpio is having their drive to success often with many extracurricular activities. These individuals are formidable enemies if betrayed. Scorpios lead to psychological territory which others fear to tread while emerging both wise and transformed. They would experience every situation and much of it in unconscious realms. 

With sun in Scorpio, these activities of mystery and otherworldly attract their attention from nature hidden beneath. You need to be strong willed with them to keep from being controlled from their undertow. While they have a great reputation for being sexual they need an amorous outlet for emotional intensity. While following their private worlds they are also loyal and include enveloping sensuality making all drama to be worth it.


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