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Sun in Capricorn

Career AstrologyIf the Sun occupies Capricorn, the native may be somewhat greedy and as a result may take up several works which may not be properly managed by him. He is always on his legs or in a hurry. He is unstable by nature. He may be on the blink of ruin on account of revolt by his own person. He is versatile but too unstable and hence away from desirable success. Sun in Capricorn makes native interested in prostitution,  greedy, will try to earn  with low  jobs,  will lose everything due to quarrel with his dear ones  and will be a non vegetarian. 

Gains from Sun in Capricorn 
Sun is a benefic planet influence for individuals between the periods from Dec 22 to Jan 19 during the year.  When Sun in Capricorn during this period, the individual native benefits from the stellar influence of Sun leaving behind many aspect for native. 

The individual native is realistic with grounded approach towards their life, i.e. they know how to do things and also get their things done. Many Capricorns are not desirous of activities or a task that seems too frivolous. Capricorns expect to do things which are something worthwhile, events and life situations which are worthwhile mean more to them. 

This is an earth sign and when they feel the need to be useful and effective in the real world they also expect to make this a reason to be satisfied in their lives. Although in a twist, these individuals need stronger recognition in a worldly sense. With a strong sense of society and adjoining framework, they would feel ever more secure when they have their part within that framework. 

Capricorns take part into many simple things in their life, though they would get attracted to status symbols while the ones to wear best clothes would drive quiet impressive cars. The Capricorn is a feet on ground, with eye on the prize sign. These individuals would take pleasure into simpler things of life. Their symbol which is goat brings interesting analogies. With Sun in Capricorn the native can look into future and plan for it. 

These individuals do not mind taking things slow, though they would aim absolutely to be at top of mountain in their life. The steadier and sure footed they are the better their strength with singleness of purpose. They are sometimes lonelier than imagined though they do not show it. Often reserved they can be more into standoff with purpose to situation. This is so as they regard practical approach to all things as valuable, though they seldom wear emotions on sleeves unless with a particular flamboyant Moon sign. This is surely mostly resourceful. 

Capricorns can be highly creative in material world. Highly capable people with strong sense of tradition and responsibility, Capricorns know how to make people laugh. With a high sense of humor these individuals can keep a straight face while being sarcastic as well. They do not take too many risks value the beaten track and are sensible to things that are tried and tested. The native is not a stick in the mud, they value hard work put to them. Capricorn friends can provide help when it is needed. With their practical advice they help you to organize and manage life a bit better. The Sun in Capricorn, individual native is generally to be loyal and dependable with their duties.


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