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Career Astrology : Sun in Cancer

Career AstrologyIf the Sun in Cancer, the native may process the talents of a ruler but will always suffer in his job on account of fickleness of mind. Nevertheless, the native will get name and fame whatever may be the line of his profession. Such a native may have good knowledge of the affairs of the world particularly of geography and Science. Native with Sun in Cancer will always keep distance between society, because they are shy. Sun in Cancer gives openness only to the one they known to and, they feel close to them. 

Gear up life with Sun in cancer 
As cancer is a water sign it is concerned with emotions, intuition, imagination and psyche. They are often actively engaged and this being reason why they are also strongly connected to family as also domestic lives. The emotional ties binding us are closest from cancerous people. Often, they feel they are connected strongly to family and ties. 

When Sun in Cancer the individual feels moodiness, most evident when Moon is in Cancer. The individual feels resistance to change and get intrigued with history attached - antiques, photos and souvenirs. It is a sensitive sign and appreciates when one gets blunt with them. Most individuals when Sun in cancer would react by withdrawing or retreating avoiding confrontations. They can get touchy and indirect but are also dependable and caring souls. 

For these individuals learning to recognize between good advice and emotional involvement might be a hurdle. Home is natural domain which should be safe and secure for when Sun in cancer. Although cancer is linked to action, the individual tends to act from vacillation and reflection avoiding external circumstances feels favorable and right. They are often soft and sensitive and appear hard and tough. The individual experiences vivid imagination. This is often acknowledged and developed. 

Sun in cancer is an uncanny sense of business for individuals, tuning in to other’s need and using active imagination to bring to any form. Individuals influenced with Sun in cancer can get to better business timing, with specialized business flair. Their imagination can denote psychic abilities. As a powerful ability to absorb impressions and memories from feeling nature Cancerians are remarkable with empathy and retention. With these individuals there is some objectivity with insightful and profound impact. 

Cancer is deeply sensitive sign so when Sun in cancer there is bound to be intuitive perceptions on emotional projections trying to find niche as well. It may appear that acting from past is actually defensive or crabby which is worse. With the Sun in cancer the individual native is gifted with extraordinary emotional and intuitive insight. This can be advantageous, while acknowledging sensitivity and imagination means you could use as effective tools. With a fine tuned intuition and concerns for other people’s needs you can be caring and family oriented.


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