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Second House and Money for Gemini , Cancer and Leo

Second House and Money for Gemini Leo Cancer

Second House and Money for Gemini , Cancer and Leo

GEMINI As Sign On Second House 
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If you have Gemini as a sign on the Second House you are Taurus Ascendant. Hence, you must know how you should approach resources and money.
Being Taurus Ascendant, rigidity and stubbornness is your inherent characteristic hence Gemini on the 2nd House would require adaptability and skills. Pursuing curiosity and your versatility in different subjects can help you survive in the world. If you still do not own these traits you better develop them as soon as possible. Learn how to communicate with others and how to cope with the changes. Flexibility and communicability are the two main keys to success in professional life for you. Learn to establish intellectual connection with different factors so that you can turn them into an asset. You have a gift of inquisitiveness and intellectual adaptability. In order to earn a good name in your profession you will have to learn how to tackle different projects at the same time. This would also help you enhance your expertise. You may have a good career in the travel and tourism industry, the transportation industry, writing and giving instructions. However, your tendency to change jobs may lead to changes in your financial affairs. You will constantly try to figure out ways to enhance your income.
CANCER As Sign On Second House career astrology:
Cancer as sign on the 2nd House means you are Gemini Ascendant. You better know how to approach resources and money in order to build a good and successful career. You have to develop certain skills so that you can live your life independently. Lack of concentration may make your task tougher, though your love for freedom and for variety in subjects that you deal with can be an added advantage. However, you must stick to the projects that you handle and take every possible initiative to sustain it until it yields fruitful results. You are sensitive and you have nurturing skill. You also have a firm emotional foundation which can give you a sense of personal security. You are concerned about the security and stability of your financial affairs. Though you are not extravagant and know how to manage finances, you like to spend on things that would bring you safety and security. Due to your sensitive nature you may contribute in charity. Investing in fields like milk products, drilling and water rights can offer a good return on investment. However, invest wisely in order to get the best possible return on your investment. 
LEO As Sign On Second House career astrology 
Having Leo on the 2nd House makes you a Cancer Ascendant and so you must know how to approach resources and money for having a good career. Leo on the 2nd House means you have to have confidence, determination, as well that the power to create something new in order to attract the attention of others. You have a gift of business skills and your approach towards life is indirect but cautious. You can visualize of what is likely to happen in future, your intuition is that strong. But, you will have to show more creative power as well as more self-confidence in order to be successful in life. Your power to create new things is your greatest asset and you can easily leave an individual mark on what you do which makes others appreciate your work. You would be more inclined to be in a profession that would help you earn fame and limelight. You have got superb organizational skills which would help you manage your business and finances quite effectively. You will also get involved in social, industrial and political activities, drawing the limelight wherever you go. However, you will be more inclined to risky adventures hoping for success and so you have to be very careful regarding the investments that you make. 



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