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Dr. Punam Back

She did Honors in English in 1991; she went on to do Bachelors in Alternative Systems Of Medicine in 1995 and Diploma in Homeopathy in 1996.

Career formation and development in Astrology
Her rendezvous with astrology dates back to her childhood, but she professionally got into this field in the year 2000. She has been teaching Life Skills, offering services to the patients through Alternative Systems of Medicines and Hypnotherapy and also imparting Astrological and Vastu Consultation to people for the past many years.

Vastu Expertise
Dr Punam was always fascinated by the mystique sciences, her family members and friends used to ask her about future events even when she was in school, because, they believed that whatever she said would come true, and surprisingly, it did!! Her passion for Astrology and Vastu led her into formally studying Astrology and Vastu from Future Point Institute from 1998 to 2000.She is well-known all around the world for her accurate predictions and to-the-point analysis of various facets of life viz. Education, Litigation, Property and Vehicle Purchase, Health, Travel, Career and Financial Prospects, Marriage/Romance/Divorce, Children, and Longevity.

She has the psyche of a doctor and tries to find ways and means to help her clients solve their problems, i.e HOLISTIC HEALING. Apart from using Hypnosis for cures, she gives extremely inexpensive remedial solutions to her clients such as mantras, pujas and if required, Gem stones are recommended. She has expert knowledge and command over predictive Astrology and also Accuracy over almost every topic which is of interest and importance for an individual such as marital compatibility, progeny, profession, financial stability, love life, education & career.

Other  Abilities
Dr Punam uses Mirrors, Pyramids, Crystals and other Feng-Shui articles instead of re-constructing a building as she understands it isn’t financial viable for all to demolish and reconstruct. Vastu can change ones’ life and should be taken care of.

During the last 9 yrs she has studied and gone through thousands of horoscopes, has helped families having financial and other problems through Vastu Remedies and also treated people with PSYCHO-SOMATIC DISORDERS through Clinical Hypnotherapy.