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Money wise for Leo

Moneywise for Leo in November 2015
Leo is the symbol of Lion in the zodiac signs. These natives are worried of managing money matters properly during this month. However they use discrimination to solve these problems effectively. With Mercury appearing in Scorpio they have monetary gains this month. Mars gets posited in 2nd house and Saturn in 5th house with lots of major expenses related to family.
During the November 8 transit of Venus the ruler of Leo's house of career would be targeted to the Leo sign as part of retrograde cycle of this year. The natives would definitely have made a clear plan entwining professional objectives with profit and wealth. This month is special drive to the native's intellectual pursuits and also mobility with travel. With the onset of Jupiter's early months in their career they might have been frustrating and fraught with financial decisions though things clear by mid month.

Jupiter is also surrounded by a flotilla of planets with their auspicious and potentially expansive year for income matters and growths off the ground though there is lots of opposition from financial sources. Also the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter's visit to income sector would lead to passing of opposition with first Neptune and then a total of ten oppositions bringing various degrees of pressures and difficulty.
From November 3rd to November 10th there would exist such pressures. The financial tension would be at a head again, though here they can overcome income sector problems until 13th November. On the 12th November the north node returns to their income sector for first time in 17 years putting a grand positioning system in place until 2017 May which has built in coordinates for where money is! All of sudden the financial tension and wake up calls from recent months makes widespread sense which means money gods are not waking the natives to potential challenges but to the opportunities which this month has to offer.

Thus this month is a mixed blend of blessings for the native Leo one where he makes prudent decisions in money matters as well as waits for right time to get ahead in making money and financial wealth properly.

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