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Why are you still single Astrological View

Most of us know that Venus is considered the planet of love. According to Love marriage astrology, it is planetary position of Venus that decides what kind of relationship we will be in? whether we will be single ? What are factors that help or will help to find the right partner? We will discuss few important points below. Love marriage astrology tells us if Venus is positioned in the fifth place and build a link with the seventh house, you are bound to be in a love relationship. What matters in the love marriage horoscope is that whether the partner’s horoscope is compatible. 

Let us introspect some of the astrological reason as to why we are single:
An Indian best astrologer predicts Aries, the first zodiac sign to be very daunting, which is the reason they are single. Their partners find it tough to keep pace with them and if at all they do, they have to get used to their spontaneous change of attitude. Good Luck!
Usually our Taurus friends are single because they only date if they find the other partner committed enough. They are Social animals and since they are so rooted to their family values, which they will only agree or commit to a relationship if the partner is comfortable to allow that “Me” space.
Gemini’s are everywhere and hence they are not able to stabilize on one arena. People and acquaintance’s find them confused, yet they find their way out because of their clever. You are dominant and only get into a relationship if YOU wish to.
You will be surprised to know that because Cancer lacks the trust factor and hence they are single. They do not like being called a loner, so they always pretend to be in a relationship.
Leo is single because they think they are the best and would not take a chance of getting into a relationship where they have to compromise. Your self-confidence and prideful attitude sometimes keeps other at a long distance. Your selfish and lonesome behaviours keep you single. You trust your instincts so much that you tend to get emotionally separated. You can only have a positive relationship, if the other person is ready to accept your ways.
Libra does not believe in commitment, hence they are single. They love the thrill and fun part, but when it comes to commitment –they are strangers. Your adventures and uneasy behaviours land you in trouble. Think before you leap!
Why is Scorpio single? The answer is they are very Scorpio complicated. Though they are ardent lovers yet they are considered to be very manipulative. Your partner has to be very accommodative to be in the relationship.
Taking things for granted lands Sagittarius in the single status category. They are optimistic and do everything for everybody else, yet their careless and taking things for granted nature keeps their partner at bay.
Capricorn are confused regarding their relationship hence lands single. They are choosy and very self-contained. Partners look for straight commitment which they miss.
Aquarius is believed to be very critical about everything else and hence they are single. They are intelligent, but do not have patience. They lose their temper at a blink.
Pisces are single because they are happy in their own world and do not like intruders. They are very passionate about their work and neglects relationship. You will only enter a relationship, if the other person agrees to all that you say.

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