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One can move into the right direction using Career Astrology

Right Move using Career Astrology

Getting a right career or a career prediction for a bright future is a must to be like shining bright among the crowd, to be known well among the many and most importantly to earn enough for to support himself or herself or his or her family. Judging the right career aptitudes is the most difficult areas in case of career astrologer. However, astrology is nothing but a mixed bag which defies simple categorization which follows some of the basic rules and regulations of Vedic Astrology along with some westernized ideas which can catch a glimpse into a person’s area of worldly engagement probabilities. We can further predict the most favorable periods for career management from the Jyotish’s unique techniques.
With Vedic career astrology, individuals can assess by blending in the influences of key featured houses and planets. The most important and the first house is the house of lagna. This would be the only house to choose if we had no other house to analyze before the last judgment. The ruler of the first house Lagnesh is also important. An individual may choose his or her career in art, entertainment, sports, beauty and cosmetics, fashion, prostitution etcetera. Though these options can be further narrowed down in due respect to the other key factors which play a major role in selecting and choosing the right path and a right career based on career astrology
Important Knowledge
The next thing that is mostly needed to examine is the condition of the luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. Being the fundamental of personality, they often find expressions in their career prediction. It is said that if the Sun is placed in Gemini joining Mercury followed by Mars, it might suggest knowledge in the fields of information, communications, and technical and computing career skills. If the Moon is placed in Virgo, the healing sign said to be ruling the sixth house of Cancer and is also said to be placed in the eighth house.
Also when seen in western astrology, the tenth house is believed to be the most closely interlinked with career opportunities. The house position of the tenth lord does not dictate the career direction but indicates indirectly with its flavor or style. It is again important to look for repeating themes as if the tenth lord is in the eighth house and there is a prominence in the nodes in some way or the other and the person has Scorpio in the rise, then he might look into at typical eighth house career options like metaphysics or affairs with and of the dead. 

The other strategy is in finding the best house possible, the best sign, and the best planet from the chart. Perhaps there is an exalted planet in the career horoscope. If it really exists, it might exercise a stronger influence on the selection of their career mainly if its depositor and others are well placed. The same is applicable for swakshetra planets, or planet having its own sign. Jupiter in Sagittarius may guide the native people towards law and academics and also religion if it is closely related by Mercury or Venus.
Other than providing a vocational guide, career astrologer has also been proven to indicate career advances and setbacks which are most likely to happen. Thus using a combination of planetary dashes and transitions it can be assumed that time will yield favorable results to those who are in need and which time may try hard to prove it difficult. The critical issue can be seen lying and determining about planets which can yield good results in the end to career horoscope. Further information can be noticed from the planets house, sign, aspects, declination, and midpoint pattern etcetera.

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