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Career horoscope and Profession

How Sun Influences Career horoscope and Profession

How Sun Influences Career horoscope and Profession
The Sun is one of the most important sources of energy for us and it is quite obvious that had the sun not been there, our universe would have just like been a black hole. It enriches all the planets in the universe with energy, light and heat. However, it is not only the planets that receive energy from sun, but also each and every organism in this world is benefitted from it. The influence of sun on the human life is enormous. According to Hindu Astrology, Sun, the celestial father drives the entire creation as well as its sustenance. 
The characteristics that Sun imparts:            
The universe is heliocentric and the Sun, from its stationary position, shines on each Zodiac sign for one full month, through comprising twelve months for twelve Zodiac signs. People with Zodiac sign Leo are ruled by the Sun. With the Sun being in a favorable position, a person can develop certain characteristics like wisdom, reputation, ambition, optimism, dignity, energy, boldness, determination and individuality. On the other hand, if the Sun is placed in an unfavorable position, one can develop negative traits like egoism, over-ambition, lavishness, jealousy and anger along with lack of determination, negative attitude and low self-confidence. 
Good Sun’s effect on career horoscope:
Having Sun in a favorable position indicates prosperity and success in professional life. Such a person is never autocratic even if he presides over others. Through his charm and friendly approach he can easily gain the respect of others and hence can easily get things done. His attitude generally has a royal touch and he does not need to assert his authority, it is understood. Adherence to the right path, abiding by the rules and regulations and taking care of subordinates make him a natural leader. However, when the position of the Sun is aspected by Mars, it can sometimes result in an autocratic attitude in the person. 
Sun with other planets: Career astrology for people
A person who has Sun in a favorable position in his horoscope can have some lucrative career options like team leader, CEO, manager, administrative personnel, political figures and civil servants. 
In a natal-chart, the association of Sun with other planets underscores the most suitable professions for an individual. 
When Jupiter aspects Sun, the person is likely to succeed as a scientist, mayor, organization head, magistrate and doctor. 
Sun in association with Venus helps a person become event manager or an architect.
If the Sun is aspected by Mercury, the person is likely to gain fame as a project manager, a consultant or a contractor for government bodies. 
When Mars aspects Sun, the person may consider a career in army, defense or air-force
If the Sun is associated with Saturn the person may find it difficult to gain success which may come after much struggle. He might have to take a lot of responsibilities and execute them properly in order to gain success and reputation. 
Sun in different houses:
If a person has Sun in his Ascendant house, it is likely that he will hold a superior position like a leader or CEO at his workplace. 
3rd house: Sun in this house will enable a person to earn the respect of subordinates through a commanding approach and would be able to manage the tasks through them. 
6th house: When Sun is in this house, a person is going to get due recognition for his job and may get promoted, though the process can be delayed due to certain reasons.
7th house: In this house Sun is likely to bring trouble. People in executive jobs may clash with those in judiciary. 
10th and 11th house: Sun’s position in both these houses would enable a person to make the maximum and best possible utilization of the opportunities that are likely to come, thus helping him end up in a top position.
12th house: When Sun is in this house the person may experience failures that can result in curtailment of authority as well as release from charge. 
According to Hindu culture, Sun can be appeased through simple rituals like chanting mantra and fasting on Sundays. One may also gift foods, copper and gold to others on this purpose. 

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