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Facts and Myths about Astrology

Astrology insight into changing dimensions of impacts from celestial bodies and planetary movements glorifies native future and life path. During these impacts of astrological movements and changing position of stars, then the astrology becomes a tool and guidance for numerous natives.

Astrologer make their predictions of future events based on planets discovered, and influence on any native with their date of birth details. Planetary motion was observed using naked eye astronomy and was not accounted earlier fully. Many facts of influence of planets had been ascertained while many new discoveries are still talked about or assessed within this ancient subject. Heavenly bodies have a great influence on natives like quasars, pulsars, black holes etc that are composed of different materials in universe. Another fact separating fiction and myth from the subject is essence of gravity. With this pull force between two objects native and planet is smaller than two natives. Gravity is still not considered in astrology. Research states for birth time pull of gravitational force being far greater than later stages.

With the onset of these and combined forces of radiation between stars and stellar objects, Sun's importance in astrology is far lesser. Another reason why astrologer concerns particular scientific confusion is that of earth's rotation and revolution which is proven but astrology considers shifts of spin axis in shifting stars influence on natives. Astrologer would argue with the context of constellations of stars as important even if they follow different systems of cultural context.

Astrologer analysis of phenomena is laid as the significant opportunity to make discoveries and assertions of impacts of stars and planets on native's life. This does not take away from the subject scientific basis, but does not add sufficient conditions to fulfill prophecy as a modern science. Conflicting theories apart, the myths of phenomena set to chart a native's future is outset arbitrary and unlike astronomy which is already a science with theories, proofs, and professional journal or research. Myths of how phenomena on famous natives lives proves phenomena to be attributed to planetary influence is arbitrary and does not have exact answer that could be assessed scientifically as in other subjects. Facts of astrologer derived knowledge is at best popular and most interesting. Though these tenets of observations cannot be said to have valid and reliable results. Some of the natives believe with hearsay for astrology and there are many others who believe in this whose numbers run in millions world over.

Many of the myths surrounding this ancient body of knowledge lead astray the following native of interpretation and wisdom. Subject is pseudo science and concerned with mysticism. There is no real basis and fate is governed with native own efforts while the church considers it a sin. Some of these myths look powerful with lot of basis to their arguments, but the fact is astrology is considered a proper science with limitations, and no aspects of mystic revelations are ascribed when the methods of observation and of influences on native's future are known to all. The religious and cultural organizations do not hold against the subject as no phenomenal basis of astrology refutes other theories and/or cross boundaries of tenet of scientific evaluation.

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