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Capricorn: Avoid these things in April for Happy Life

We have jotted down some very interesting facts about Capricorn, the bold sign of Zodiac. These are extracted from various Capricorn daily horoscope journals and astrologer articles.
This is one of the most powerful signs of the Zodiac calendar. Though it is the first but is usually considered to be the most strongest and serious signs. Usually all Capricorn personalities are hugely brilliant, bold, and strong and manage their professional and personal life in a very balanced manner.
Though all Capricorn are genuinely best on the 1st, 4th,8th,10th, 13th ,17th , 19th m 22nd and 26th day of the each calendar month, but there are some dates that they all should note to lead a happy married life and outshines in brown, steel, grey and black colours.
Capricorn should watch out this April as stated by online astrologers since Saturn is getting into retrograde from April 06 and there are chances that Capricorn personality might experience a slight monetary crunch in April along with minor glitches in relation – so do give it a thought before you spend or make any move .Be careful till the 14th of April. You will experience a positive change post 14th April 2017. You may encounter some illness which might be related to your appearance or tongue or teeth all throughout April.

Networking skills and foreign associations would benefit you a lot this month. 
This month you will also experience the effect of Venus & Mars union which will elevate your love, passion and relationship. Whatever commercial or business meetings you conduct on foreign land will be lucrative and gainful. Numerous trips to gain peace of mind and improve bonding with family will be the gateway to happiness.  All these will lead to a happy life. If you plan things carefully and are confident, you will lead a happy life with both your business relation and personal relation will see a rise.
Online astrologers have set out relationship problem solution for Capricorn, who will experience a Venus retrogression this year- they have already started experiencing it from January 2017 and this will deepen in April and further extend till Setember when the effects will slow down and gradually disappear. There would be Solar and Lunar eclipses in 2017 and a special phase when four planets will align and bring a fifth planet in sync. This will cause few significant changes, yet with sensible and consistent positivity in life and strict dedication – all this will lightly wade off.
Life is what we experience, Capricorn being one of the most passionate and strong personality sign will definitely experience April 2017 directly yet they will be able to keep the negativities away with their charm and confidence.

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