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Benefits of wearing Gemstone

India with its diverse culture, background and beliefs have laid down special significances for these precious and semi-precious stones. Indian astrologers are one of the best astrologers who have researched and identified the positions of various planets and based on the planetary position and Zodiac sign, advises the right gem stone for an individual. Our astrologers have even shared the correct hand and finger for wearing the right gemstone, since that too has a clear significance. Emerald is worn on the little finger ,Blue Sapphire in the middle finger and so on….A person who works in bringing out the best of gemstone is called a 
Benefits of wearing Gemstone: In olden days, Gemstones were an acronym for “banjaras” and “gora hippies”, but with time the stereotype thought has changed and now everyone including male and female has a genuine reason to wear gemstones, irrespective of what others think or believe. 
Over time people have realized the benefits of gemstones by wearing them and experiencing their benefits:
Gemstones are special stones and each differs from the other. All of them represents a planet and has the ability to draw its positive power. Let us understand it better. The color red and pink ruby symbolizes the Sun. We all know sun is the supreme power and so wearing a red or pink ruby stone will fill your life with power, leadership and energy. This stone helps in indigestion and also the positive energy from these stones blocks all the negative energy around the bearer.
A primitive belief suggests that if a women is not able to conceive , she should not be disheartened since wearing a particular  gemstones ( of a specific color and shape) would bless her with her dream blessing-she will conceive and improve her love and personal relationship with her partner.
It is believed that if you wear a gemstone necklace made out of 108 precious gemstones, you would have a relaxing and soothing effect on you. It will make you calm and help you relieve of all anxiousness and anxiety. This will have an earthy effect on you. This necklace will as well help you achieve your targets.
Gemstones are also worn to help you meditate better. They are also used for chanting mantras. If you hold this mala in your hand and place it in a troubled area of your body-the positive energy from the Gemstones will relieve you from the discomfort. 
One of the special powers of Gemstone is to help you fight your fear, anxiety, and doubts. Unless you get rid of these negative feelings –you will not find solace in anything you do.
Gemstones are worn as jewellery and special design accessory as well .They add the glamour touch and lasts for a lifetime. You needn’t worry about the lustre as these are high quality gems crafted with a lot of hard work and passion-which shows in the gem always.
Do select the right one that fits your lifestyle and character!

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