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Astrology prediction

Astrology Prediction by Birth Date

Astrology predictions for native depend upon basic information contained in birth data. These predictions are developed from ancient scriptures using sophisticated software and expertise of astrologer. Astrology texts guide the design of birth chart also called as Janam Kundali which captures the exact cosmic locations and at precise moment of native's birth.

Armed with knowledge of exact placement of stars and planets at time of birth, the astrology based guidance provides a prediction using or outlining possibilities of various planets, stars and heavenly bodies at various degrees of ascendance. This allows to calculate exact location of birth, longitudinal intersections with degrees through which natal or birth chart is set. Signs of native's rising ascendance is lagna and lordship of given sign is determined from degree of ascendance in a given cusp.

The native's birth time and date with location provide input to astrology for determining major changes of planetary position later in life.  The Natal chart forms the basis of manifold astrology predictions because calculations are made as to the locations of six planets from Sun to Saturn along with the lunar phases of Rahu and Ketu. Various planets in native's life are laid out in horoscope. The influence of heavenly bodies is determined by their respective position and astrology combination during time of birth. 
Birth date astrology provides accurate and correct details of predictions. Native's predictions relate to dasha predictions, sade sati, nakshatra, planetary infuence and varshpal. Dasha is impact of heavenly bodies on native during specific time periods. Sade sati is saturn planets inlfuence which occurs thrice for native is crucial. The details form the basis for eliminating negative effect of this planet. Nakshatra phal ascertains interesting aspect of native, behavior, personality and other features with loads of interesting personal information that allows proper decisions and choices in life for prosperity.

In birth date astrology there is special significance of planetary influence. As the planetary inclination shows in horoscope with their influence, there are good and bad, positive and negative effects on various fields in life. With this section of birth date analysis there is detailed explanation of stars guiding native in life. Also varshpal is another important addition to vedic yearly astrology where annual horoscope is the concept. This applied concept is popular in northern India and is practiced everywhere. It is constructed for year when sun returns to same sign and degree as of natural position. Birth horoscope or Kundli is different from Varshpal where it is solar based, i.e. position of sun is more significant here. Thus, a birth chart and horoscope forms the foundation of astrological prediction given the native's birth details. Astrology based guidance proves simple and effective for native to plan and prepare for their life ahead in future as well as understand the past with numerous karmic and planetary influence which is based on birth details.

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