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Unknown facts of Lord Ganesha

Astrology is the key to all problems these days, be it health, love life, career or any other based on the benefit of the soul and the entire mass. There are a number of astrologers and astrology based sites which provide relationship problem solution. With the help of the experts and their advice, there has been the significant improvement in solving the relationship problems and improving the lifestyle. Relationship problems can be for various reasons such as family, physiological balance, love marriage, childless parents and more; however, there are solutions for all. One just needs to be sure to open up and share the concern.

Let us today share some unknown facts about Lord Ganesha:

Goddess Parvati was convinced by her two friends Jaya and Vijaya to bring a boy and name him Ganesha, he will be the one who will always follow her instructions. Ganesha was created from the dirt of Goddess Parvati's body. Ganesha was born after Parvati had observed Punayak fast. This fast melted Lord Krishna and he in disguise of a baby boy came to Goddess Parvati as her son.
Shiva Maha Puran, which is one of the eighteen Puranas mentions that Lord Ganesha is indeed green and red in colour. The other Purana, Brahmavavart tells us that hen Program went to Kailash part to see Lord Shiva, he could not meet him and waited since Lord Shiva was meditating. Ganesha who around did not permit him to even stand there and hence he got angry and attacked Ganesha and his sword cut one of his teeth (tusk), so he is known as the pendant.
An interesting fact about Lord Ganesha is that, when all the deities were blessing Ganesha, then Lord Shanidev was standing with his head facing elsewhere, Goddess Parvati did not like this and questioned Lord Shani. To which he replied if he looked at Ganesha directly, he will lose his head – Parvati insisted and this resulted in Ganesha losing his head. Lord Shrihari flew on his Gadura and cut a baby elephant's head and put it right on Ganesh’s shoulder and hence Ganesha has the body of a human and head of an elephant
Lord Shiva immediately attacked Lord Shani and was cursed by Lord Shani's father that he would also see his son's body cut the same way as his son's.
Ganesha is believed to be the lucky charm for his parents. Lord Shiva won many battles against Tripura because of Lord Ganesha'.
Lord Ganesha was a very obedient son and always abide by what his parents said. He married Riddhi and Siddhi and was blessed with two sons’ names Laabh and Shetra.
He is one of the supreme gods and is worshiped at the beginning of all ceremonies and rituals.

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