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The Sexual Incompetence of the conjugal relationship

The Sexual Incompetence of the conjugal relationship

Sexual Incompetence
There are many aspects of the relation that exists between a couple. With life becoming more and more open to new ideas and concepts, things that were previously considered to be taboo are now being openly addressed. The sexual aspect of the conjugal relationship between a man and a woman cannot be denied. As a matter of fact, sex is the origin of life and the main purpose of existence of the organisms in this world. Hence, Sexual Incompetence among partners can not only render the relationship dull but can also eliminate happiness from life. With the help of a professional astrologer it is possible for a person to check his or her sexual competence with the partner. This would help the person maneuver the life properly so that complications in future can be avoided completely. In Vedic Astrology the Ketu Mahadasha is the biggest obstacle in the way of sexual competence. With the help of a professional and qualified Indian astrologer it is possible to get rid of this problem once and for all.


The Rahu, Ket and Shani are the three main dictators of ill fate in human life, according to ancient Indian astrology. Though at times, these can be aspected by other stars and planets to worsen the situation, these thee remain the main players. Ketu Mahadasha in a person's life can last for a long time, for months and may be for years. Sexual aversion is one of the most prominent characteristics of this phase and so proper measures should be taken promptly in order to eradicate the ill effects of Ketu Mahadasha. Sexual Incompetence can be corrected easily with the help of professional astrologers who would advise on the eradication of Ketu Mahadasha.


However, it is better to keep away from relationships that might have an iota of Sexual Incompetence in future. This is where a professional astrologer gains importance. Through careful comparison of horoscopes the astrologer would be able to say whether the partners are likely to be sexually competent. This would help people find the right life partner. The astrologers are able to give the best and most effective advice in this regard and it is better to abide by the advices and suggestion from the astrologers.


Nowadays there are a large number of online astrology sites that offer  Career horoscope analysis. This has made it possible for people from all over the world to take resort to ancient Hindu Astrology as a method to get rid of the problems of life. As Sexual Incompetence can lead to an unhappy life and a complete breakdown of the relationship, it is better to consult a professional Indian astrologer beforehand and get the necessary advices and suggestions.



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