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Impact on career of Planets

Impact on career of Planets

Impact on career of Planets
It is important to build a good career is order to have a life free of financial concerns. However, there are a large number of career options that one can choose from. This particularly makes the task of choosing a right career option even tougher. There are a lot of things that one needs to take into account while choosing a career. Some people may prefer a job within the four walls of office, while some prefer a career that would take them to different places and to different people. There are many people who put status ahead of everything else and there are many more who think financial security is all that matters. Hence, the suitability of a career option largely depends on the personality and characteristics of a person. An astrologer takes into consideration the ruling planet as well as other stars and planets that can influence the career in order to judge the personality and preferences of a person in order to predict a right career choice. 
According to Vedic Astrology, the Ascendant and its Ruling Planet in a particular house indicates the interest and inclination of a person. 
The 10th house is the house of career and profession.
The 6th house also indicates work. In order to know clearly about the future of career horoscope one must take a look at the planets residing in the 6th house and the 10th house. They can tell a lot about the career an individual is likely to have in future. 
In the next step what one needs to check is the houses that the rulers of the 6th house and the 10th are occupying. This would highlight the interests and talents of individuals. 
The 2nd house and its ruler can indicate the way in which people make money
As the 2nd house is an important indicator of how the money is going to flow in, it can give clue to the career and profession. the 2nd, the 6th and the 10th house are the houses of Artha. Artha is widely regarded as what recognizes the wealth and material world and so these three houses indicate the carer choices. 
Sun and Saturn are the indicators of career as they mainly indicate the 10th house which is associated with career. One must take a look at the houses where they reside in relation to abilities and interest. The Sun, being the planet of power and leadership, plays an important role in determining the career. However, whether or not a person will be disciplined and organized is determined by Saturn which happens to be the ruler of Capricorn, the 10th Zodiac Sign.
Impact on career of Planets
Career determined by Sun: Politicians, military, bosses, kings, presidents, authoritative job and and government job. 
Career determined by Moon: professions associated with caring and nursing, cook, chefs and food industry.
Career determined by Mars: Fireman, detectives, surgeons, engineers, military, sports, real estate, doctors, real estate professionals, weapon makers, police personnel and soldiers.
Career determined by Mercury: Advertising, travel and tourism industry, film and television, telecommunication, computers, sales, trade, teaching, writing and communicative professions.
Career determined by Jupiter: Finance manager, pilot, spiritual leaders, priests, astrologers, professions involving long distance travel, ministers, judges, professors, teachers and lawyers.
Career determined by Venus: Interior designing, hotel management, clothes, fashion, perfume, makeup, florist, flowers, luxuries, music, arts, actress, actor, acting, entertainer and fashion designer. 
Career determined by Saturn: Morticians, professions in the field of law, metal business, real estate, labor work, disciplinarians, organizers, leaders and humanitarian workers. 
Career determined by Rahu (North Node): Aviation industry, electrical things, foreign trade, foreign items, drugs, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, medicine, healing poisons, X-ray, computers, politics, entertainment and show business. 
Career determined by Ketu (South Node): Researching work, metaphysical studies, astrologers, scientists, unconventional careers, monk, professions that are associated with radiation technology and spiritual healing profession.
Career determined by Neptune: Professions associated with marine industry, wine, water, drug, alcohol, gas, oil, psychic, poetry, artist, photographer, movies and films.
Career determined by Uranus: Radio, television, electricity, computers, inventions, technology, aircraft engineering and maintenance and astrology. 
Career determined by Pluto: Corporate takeovers, power and energy sectors including nuclear energy. 
career astrology, Career interest is solely determined by the influence of the planets on the house in the career horoscope  chart and so it is essential for people to take the help of a professional astrologer to find the probable career options in life. 

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