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Career Astrology

How to get Good Job According to Astrology

These days human are all thriving and struggling to place them in a desirable position with a good job, where they are comforted by all basic requirements. They look not only for a better salary but they are continuously in search of making their lifestyle better and in order to achieve this makes hard efforts to secure a good job.
It is believed and stated by best Indian astrologers that there are special three planets which are responsible for good job when their planetary positions are aligned; one gets the right job opportunity. Some online career astrology tells the viewers that if you can start worshipping the source of all power the sun – and offer a spoonful of mustard oil with your prayers 108 times, it brings career yog.
Some online astrologers also advises donating fresh almonds every Sunday of the week and making sweet dishes made of sugar and jiggery and offering them in flowing water with a special mantra can bring job yog for career seekers . Some astrologers even suggest offering sugarcane juice on the shiv linga until such time you get a job.
There might be innumerable solutions but one should consult the career astrology online and with the help of best  Indian astrologers to understand what is it that we can do right.
How does one get a good job is one of the biggest question for all fresher, the one rule that  you must adhere and strictly follow the norms , one should understand that job does not come knocking at the door , one has to work hard, stay focussed , be consistent and  remember your goal.
As you move on ahead step by step, you must as well be aware of the learning curve and how well you can implement this. Nurture your learning and keep yourself updated with the current facts and then only you will be able to reap results.
  • Focus where you are at the moment and what is the next move you are planning? 
  • Take time and ask yourself where would you like to see in the corporate ladder?
  • How heavier do you want your pay packet to be? And are you prepared to make the move?
  • Set a checklist of options which you should keep in mind always as they will be many opportunity and you should know which to select.
  • Upgrade yourself and your skillset to prove your worth to the employer. 
  • Try to share what inspires you and where you would like to see yourself in set intervals from now.
  • Wear the confidence you always and maintain a positive approach. 
  • Build a positive attitude – this is most important.

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