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Hindu Marriages Date in February for Happy Life

Hindu calendar and beliefs are sacrament and was created presumably by Vedic seers and sages with the purpose of regulating a beautiful and accepted order in the society. As per marriage horoscope compatibility - Hindu marriage conducted in February renders a positive influence on the persona of a man and a woman as life partners in life , and also enables them to take their rightful place in a society, thus, contributing to the harmonious functioning to the society at large.
A very interesting topic arises from marriages and that is Kundali matching for marriage . How important is this in our country which is full of diversified culture. A survey states Kundali matching for marriage is adhered by almost 67% of Hindus residing in India, surprisingly NRI’s also believe in this age old tradition of kundli matching marriage , since they do not want to go wrong. In order to conduct the matching, it is imperative to know the exact time of birth of the  would be groom and the would be bride. In Hindu mythology it is believed that there are 32 aspects that are considered while matching and if the match is less that 16 aspects then it is considered inauspicious.
Astrologers use the time and accurate attributes to match the commonness, and once calculated they share this confidentially with either party or sometime both.

Hindu marriage in February for Happy File:

Each Month of the Hindu calendar year marks a special significance of the groom and the bride. February is the second month of the year and it has its own significance. Research conducted by various astrologers across India and even Asia concludes that the February wedded girl/ wife will be very articulate, composed and a loving mother.
February is also the third month of meteorological calendar – where it is believed that a February bride will be hearty, full of life and a adorable mother. 
Let’s now take a small tour to understand the compatibility of couples married in February:
Marriages which take place in February are called as either Aquarius Marriages or Pisces marriages depending whether it took place in the first half or the second half. The groom and the bride share a wonderful relationship and a very good social bonding. Their compatibility ratio is very high .
The Couples who tie the bond in the latter half of February are called Pisces Marriage . These pairs are called as heavenly match, they are true to each other and trust the bonding between them. They guard their relationship with all their heart and accommodate little differences if any. Overall one word that defines these couples are COLLECTED couples.

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