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Higher Education Prospects through 9th House

Higher Education Prospects through 9th House

Education astrology can help you in directing you in your career in education because it can make perfect education prediction. 4th house is referred to one’s regular attendance in school or college, it also indicates one’s regular contacts with studies. In the child education horoscope 3rd house explains one’s inclination towards a specialize in any subject but the combined effect of 3rd and 5th house shows one’s ability of thinking and intelligence. In order to develop the habit of studying 4th house is important. Besides these houses there is another house known as 9th house which is required for higher education.
Now to know about Higher Education Prospects through 9th House:
 We shall study about a doctor, who was wishing to get higher medical education over MBBS course. He appeared for the written test for the degree of diploma in medical science in the year 1995, but he did not receive any effective and vital information till the month of April ’98 thus he was disappointed also he was very curious to know his fate and his future so he took the help of Education astrology.. 
Child education horoscope detail of the native is as follows :
We can see in the chart that the lord of the 4th is along with lord of 3rd. We can also observe that the Lord of 6th and 11th Mars is in 1st which is a good combination for success. Mars is suspected to aspect Mercury and Saturn. Saturn, who is considered to be the lord of 8th and 9th in 8th, symbolizes longevity but it also delays for other important things. But since it is strong due to losing its  own place, it is expected to cause a delay but will definitely not deny. The next things which are very much noticeable is the owner of 10th house is in 9th house place which means the Yoga is comprising house of fate and also the house of Karma.
Now the sub lord of the 4th house is Jupiter which is positioned in the 9th house and the sub lord of 9th house are Mercury which is sitting in 4th house thus it indicates a good change in the field of general education along with better career in education. Here Mars is in the place of Jupiter, which is occupying the place of 9th house and sublord of Mercury who is the occupant of the 4th house, is regarded to be much stronger to provide with higher education. So, any planet, which is in the star place of Mar’s sublord, will have the power to give higher education. 

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