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Career astrology Nakshatra for Gemini and Cancer

Career astrology Nakshatra for Gemini and Cancer

Career astrology Mrigasira Nakshatra:  Range:  23°20’ Taurus - 06°40 Gemini.
Professions: Researchers, collectors, forest ranger, commentators, clerks, craftsperson, teachers especially for small children, astrologers and psychics, explorers and travelers, navigators, map makers, real estate developers, forestry workers, gardeners and farmers, landscapers, administrators, advertising agencies and salespersons, veterinarians and all other professions associated with pet animals, fashion designers, professionals involved in textile industry, earth dealer, seekers and thinkers, writers, novelists, linguists, poets, painters, musicians and singers and artists pertaining to different fields of art and culture. 
Career astrology  Ardra Nakshatra: Range: 06°40' Gemini - 20°00' Gemini.
Professions: Astrologers, professionals who need to be good with numbers, comedians, professionals who have a skill of hands in creating and building, computers, telephone, televisions, renovation, hitmen and snipers, biotechnologists, professionals associated with sales, radar personnel, X-Ray specialist, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts, nuclear power plant workers, sportspersons involved in games like bridge, scrabble and chess, homeopaths and other medical practitioners who use poison to heal people, science fiction writers, researchers, mathematicians, virtual reality experts, professionals associated with 3D industry, computer game designers, professionals associated with special effects in the film industry, photographers, electronic music, technicians, sound engineers, computer software developer, computer and electronic industry, electricians and electrical engineers. 
Career astrology Punarvasu Nakshatra: Range: 20°00’ Gemini - 3°20 Cancer.
Professions: Poets, philosopher, spiritual teachers, mystics, publishers, writers, astronauts and other professions associated with space research, aviators, patriots, target shooting and archery, home maintenance service, religious establishments like churches, keepers and landlords of temples, home delivery business, mail and courier service, newspaper industry, postal service, professionals that require an innovative approach, antique dealers, historians, exporters and importers, self-enhancement technique preachers, Gurus and monks, philosophers, priests, psychologists, universities and colleges, teachers in schools, civil engineers, different types of science related professions, architects, building construction, transport industry, hotels and restaurants, recycling experts, professions associated with travel and tourism industry, visionaries, writers of esoteric subjects like astrology and occult science, fairy tale authors, artisans, sales people involved in different kinds of trades. 
Career astrology  Pushya Nakshatra: Range: 03° 20’ Cancer - 16° 40’ Cancer.
Professions: Traditional and religious sectors, real estate agents, professionals associated with fields that require a fine finishing job, creative activities, artisans, care professionals of all sorts, education experts and teachers, lake and river related professions, professional hosts, professionals associated with charitable organizations, psychotherapists and counsellors, psychologists, spiritual teachers, Gurus, priests, nuns, clergy, people associated with the restaurant industry, hoteliers and caterers, aristocrats and rulers, politicians, merchants dealing in food and beverage and professionals associated with the dairy industry. 
Career astrology  Ashlesha Nakshatra:  Range: 16°40 Cancer -30°00 Cancer.
Professions: Psychics, channelists, charlatan, psychiatrists and psychologists, hypnotists, tantrics, physical yoga teachers, pawnbrokers, lawyers, spies, secret service agents, poachers, pet cat and snake owners, allopathic surgeons and medical practitioners, reptile handlers, snake charmers, con artists, psychologists, manipulators who work from behind curtain, self service professions, politicians, drug pushers, illegal drug peddlers, legal drug dealers, professionals involved in the cigarette industry, chemical engineers, professionals associated with the petroleum industry, people who are involved in healing through medicines and poisons. 

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