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Career Astrology Nakshatra for Libra and Scorpio

Career Astrology Nakshatra for Libra and Scorpio

Career Astrology Chitra Nakshatra: Range 23°20’ Virgo-06°40’ Libra.
Professions: The creative lines especially that are related to craftsmanship and artistry are perfect for this Nakshatra. People born under this Nakshatra tend to be prosperous in fields like creative industry inclusive of fashion and interior designing along with jewelry designing. Versatile lines such as set designing and business, machinery production, stage managing and art direction all are perfect for people with this Nakshatra. Their Career Horoscope shows that writing especially novel, screenplay is best choice for them. However, building constructer, orator, musician, advertising professional, painters, Herbologists, gemologist and landscapers and plastic surgeons, theatre manager, Feng Shui and Vastu Expert are also viable and good choice for them. 
Career Astrology  Swati Nakshatra: Range: 06°40’ Libra- 20°00’ Libra.
Professions: Various kinds of trading and business are perfect for people with this Nakshatra in their birth horoscope. Educators, mediators, politicians, negotiator marriage counselors socialites, news readers, lawyers, diplomats, researchers, teachers, merchants are ideal choice. Technical professions such as Aeronautical professionals, aviation professionals such as pilot, and other creative lines such as musician, singers, kite makers and all are proved to be perfect for people with Swati Nakshatra. They can also indulge into adventure related professions such as balloonist and skydivers. The industries like software and computer and other technical ones are also suitable for them. These kinds of people are suitable to professions which need presence of mind and intelligence. According to Career astrology government services are also good for them.
Career Astrology  Visakha Nakshatra: Range 20°00’ Libra-03°20’ Scorpio.
Professions: According to Career Horoscope, professions attached to custom and tax collection, insurance, business management are ideal choices for people with Visakha Nakshatra. Moreover, religious fundamentalists, soldiers, militant revolutionaries, criminal lawyers, leaders, politicians are also better option to choose from. Audio visual and audio broadcasters, sex therapists, bill collectors, models belong to fashion industry, actresses, bar tenders and critics, professions that need manual labour are suitable. Other fields with good potentiality are dancing field, liquor and alcohol related business fields and so on.  
Career Astrology  Anuradha Nakshatra: Range 03°20’ Scorpio- 16°40’ Scorpio.
Professions: Career astrology shows that creative fields such as music, photography are ideal choices for people who are born under Anuradha Nakshatra. Besides these, psychologist, astrologers, explorers, criminal lawyers, spies, numerologist, factory, workers, professions with night duty, Morticians, diplomats,artist manager, promoters numerologist, services attached to dealing with foreign countries are also very appropriate for these people.  Travelling professions and professions that require discoveries and inventions are also very much common amongst these people with Anuradha Nakshatra. 
Career Astrology Jyestha Nakshatra: Range 16°40’ Scorpio to 30°00’ Scorpio.
Professions: Authoritative and administrative professions and services such as government officials   and other professions such as naval professions, police, detectives, military leaders detectives, and politicians are good choice for people with Jyestha Nakshatra. Career Horoscope says, that talk show hosting and television commentators that need good eloquence and other, along with sport sector such as athlete, sprinter are perfect choice. Not only this, this Nakshatra happens to be conducive to success for professions which are related to supernatural power such as occultism, Shamanism, mysticism and psychic field. Moreover, careers like Mafia, Fraud Expert, Salvation Army, drug counselors are also very much common in this Nakshatra constellation.  

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