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The Most Suitable Time For Your Next Career

Astrology Can Tell The Most Suitable Time For Your Next Career Move

Career Astrology Can Tell The Most Suitable Time For Your Next Career Move
Many times we wonder if someone from above can answers some very important questions of our lives. Or, is there really a way to know these answers about our career from career horoscope?”
·         “When will that big career jump happen?”
·          “I’ve worked enough for others, when would I start my own company?”
·         “There’s no hope in my present job. When should I start looking for a better one?”
·         “I aim to be an investment banker, manager, entrepreneur or an architect. When will I succeed in achieving it?”
·         “I feel like being in a wrong job. When will I get an appropriate job for me?
 Career Astrology: Know The Secret Of What Controls Your Career
Your 10th house is the place which affects your career graph, depending on the planet sitting there. (Note: Check the last part of this article to know your personal transits.)
Transits are “astrological” planet positions which affect related areas of your life including your personal and professional life. A favorable transit will get you good news, like a promotion, or appreciation in your job. Certain transit may open doors for a new job opportunity. Yet, certain transit may cause a career move which may not be good for you. There are five transiting planets which may affect your career, these include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Read below as how do they affect your career-
Jupiter Transit: Promotion Or A New Job Is Waiting!
Having Jupiter transit is a good sign and may bring you good news related to your career!  You are going to have a fabulous year ahead in your profession. This may bring luck in getting you a promotion and appreciation by your bosses,in your current job. If you are wanting to switch your job, or planning to expand yo business, or starting a new business, you’ll find your potential clients ready.
During this period, your meeting with people and making new contacts and networking is very important, because this is how you will get to know about upcoming new opportunities to move your career ahead or expand your business.
Saturn Transit: Time to Evaluate Your Business Or Career
When Saturn is in transit, this indicates that your hard work will get recognition and be rewarded as well. Now is the time when your diligence and capabilities will would receive that much deserved promotion.
The positive reviews from your clients or employer about your work performance are going to help you evaluate your work performance in a realistic way. Some minor hindrances may occur which may force you to make some changes in your business or in your current profession. You should re-evaluate your activities to improve on your unproductive behavior which is causing interference in your ability and the performance.
Uranus Transit: Expect Hike In Your Career
In this transit, some radical changes are expected in your career. Now is the time when you can to take a risk of changing your career, or undergoing a training program or preparing for a professional degree to enable yourself for a new career. This is the time when you may take a decision to leave your present low paying job to start a new business.
You’re prepared to say bye-bye from your routine dull job and switch to the one which is more creative and exciting. You will not accepting like taking orders from those who do not respect and do not like. You may come across some problems in your career which may force you to make some changes which will bring positivity new experiences. This can result in either fulfilling the work disgustingly or chucking the job!
Neptune Transit: Time To Serve Others, Confusion and Misunderstanding
This transit favors service to others; hence, if you have this dream of serving people, then you can fulfill it now. The time is perfect to show the world, the real purpose of your life, and also to know the kind of work that gives meaning to your life.
This transit may also bring some confusion in your career and you may feel disoriented about the purpose that you are following. All this is happening because your orientation is flipping from your wish or desire to your personal success. You wonder as how you can be successful in serving others.
You need to be careful, as during this period, you might be a little dishonest and delusive with others. The influence of Neptune may cause misunderstandings, so, you need to trust your inner voice. So, if you encounter any interactions with colleagues or others, be polite and convey your views diplomatically about the happenings or the incident.
Pluto Transit: Attain Your Ambition, Change Career
This transit may make you intensely concerned about your work. You get attracted to something where you can contribute in enhancing other’s lives. If you’re stuck in a job which has no value to you and does not satisfy your wishes, then, the time has come to make a radical switch and grab a career of your choice.
This period may be difficult and lengthy if you are still not sure of what you aim for, or what you want to achieve in your professional life, you may be switching various jobs to identify the one that you would ultimately want to do.
This transit gives you the positive energy that keeps you motivated to achieve your target and fulfill your ambition. This period can bring you fame and recognition. You may gain authority and your efforts will bring honor to you. This transit may place the politicians, corporate officials, presidents, and business tycoons reach the summit of their success.
Career astrology: Know Your Transits
Do you want to know your transits and their effects on your present life? If yes, click on the FREE Transit Calculator and fill in your birth date. Then, you can go through about all the transits which are affecting your life. This will clear your confusion and tell you what and why certain events are occurring in your career.  

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