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A career destined to success!

A career destined to success

Becoming modern in lifestyle, city and towns are promising as career takes new heights. Looking for better opportunity many career oriented people expect to have some assistance. With astrology, a prognosticator can predict the nature of individual’s profession. Not only can this, but the character of a person can also be foretold in terms of profession and choice of studies. This is called career astrology which can additionally provide information on the career position and life of career he/she chooses however intelligent or inventive that individual is. A most intelligent man or boy is not always a roaring man. In career astrology a person’s birth chart may confirm events in future not necessarily linked to intelligence, character or instructional background. An individual might be huge in physique, well-built or strong in mind yet career astrology can predict their future career developments.
There are fundamentally three main indicators that astrologers seek in every chart to work best for individual career as per career astrology. The planet Saturn, Zodiac sign Capricorn and the tenth house or the lord planet. For an individual in his or her career whatever little call or divine provision is there would additionally be determined where the position of Saturn has been placed.
In Aries, the planet significantly represents identity clarifications. In Taurus the Saturn planet shows material goals indicating possession of wealth. In Gemini, the planet Saturn would show a wise and savant person. In Cancer the planet Saturn would represent a family directed person. Saturn in Leo shows person to be of robust and megastore capability. Saturn in Virgo shows the health and skills of a person. In Libra the planet Saturn shows a unified and harmonious partnership. Saturn in Scorpio represents person to have appearance at past to make things in future. Saturn in Sagittarius represents a leader. In Capricorn the planet Saturn represents a robust and authoritative person. While Saturn in Aquarius shows inclination towards independence and fairness, Saturn in Pisces shows an understanding and enthusiastic person.
Many people want to be illustrious while desiring wealth and so they need to be dominant, serious, well-planned and authoritative. For a person with Capricorn sign might have Mars, Sun or Jupiter. For someone with all the above qualities as also does not compromise on social outings and pleasures while being a manager, then his or her Capricorn sign might have Lagan, like Mercury or Uranus. Some people tend to support their intuition more and not use logic or arithmetic. If this person is working in covert job or operating in secret organization then the Capricorn sign may be having Moon, Neptune or Pluto. For a person who is natural boss, organized while being at an authoritative position while logical minded at decision-making, then the Capricorn sign may have Venus or Saturn.  Thus the Capricorn sign in individual chart and career would be influenced by the planets. This is the second fundamental indicator sought by astrologers in career astrology
The third fundamental indicator of career astrology demarcates career fields according to the position someone might have based on the lord of tenth house. This including the study of positions of various planets also shows he career profession chosen by the individual. The economists have Jupiter with Sun and Mercury. The combination of Mars, Saturn, and Hindu deity as well as Moon would show career in medical or engineering field while an electric field is recommended by Venus and Mars. If the second and fifth house or their Lords square measure maleficent, the individual is set to have little or no education at all. However these results can easily be modified by impact of other alternative planets which possess these or are watching through them.

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