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Career Astrology : Jupiter in 3rd house

Career AstrologyJupiter in 3rd house being upachaya is held to be auspicious for natural malefic such as the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, dark Moon and afflicted Mercury. 3rdhouse is held to be an unfavourable place for natural benefices Jupiter, Venus, Full Moon and Mercury alone or in conjunction with benefices only. career astrology fix this house for sports and leadership. 

Influence of Jupiter in 3rd house on individual’s horoscope 
Many people in today’s fast paced life expect to succeed in their career or business. They would need help of astrology chart for developing confidence. Under the influence of planetary placement in their horoscope a number of benefic influence occur. Planet Jupiter or Guru is believed to be a benefic presence which provides wisdom and knowledge to human beings and rules over intellect and mind of person. The arrival of Jupiter in 3rd house would bring supreme learning to person as this makes him/her stronger from core along with an optimistic blend with their approach to life. 

Natives individuals who have Jupiter in 3rd house are born with insatiable curiosity while on other hand these people are also having a strong paved path of education. Besides this, these individuals are believed to have reached admirable heights of success bringing affluence with respect to the natives. These people can do much better in arenas like writing, communication and publishing as they would really like to share their learning with others.

Natives of the placement of Jupiter in 3rd house are deeply philosophical and spiritual with approach. They would also see in everything with positive perception. This indeed makes them more stable in mental composure with wise looks to appearance. 

These people with Brihaspati in 3rd house develop effective good and true relations with their immediate brothers and sisters with almost everyone around as well. The placement of Saturn in the 9th house, along with placement of Jupiter would definitely bring longetivity to person while if Saturn be placed in 2nd house then the person would be simply ingenious and hypocritical in attitude. Besides this, Saturn planet in 4th house would bring more danger of robbery to this individuals with Jupiter in 3rd house. 

This is more likely to happen with friends but if there are enemies it would bring great harm to natives making him or her emerge as a danger to closed ones. In the end, these individuals natives with Jupiter in 3rd house need to do worship of Goddess Durga. Alongside this, they also must offer food and sweets to little girls with pious and respectful manners. These individuals for their good fate and destiny need to stay away from flatterers.

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