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Career Astrology : Career Astrology : Jupiter in 2nd house

Career AstrologyNarayana Bhatt says that Jupiter in 2nd house may make one a poet or a Magistrate or a judge or a punishing official. Such a native, however, may have to work hard to maintain his family. His income is not much and unsteady. Jeevanath Jha also says that such a native does not have so much wealth or very high position in most cases. In the context of career astrology astrologers have related its role as Bhism Pitamah of  Mahabharat. 

Astrology reading for Jupiter in 2nd house 
The planet Jupiter is a benefic benevolent and magnificent influence on individuals. This is a supreme benefic planet which is perceived to take person to new greater heights, besides supreme fortune as well as helping them succeed without much of effort at most of places. This position of Jupiter in 2nd house is absolutely good for which it exerts the same impact by making the person ever more good. 

The native of this position of Brihaspati or Guru in 2nd house possess sharp mind in making money for which they would not need to cross hurdles or difficulties in their life path. While growing in life they would also receive wealth from other channels without much effort. By being under the influence of Jupiter in 2nd house these individuals tend to get a life with comforts and materialistic pleasures. 

They need not spend too much a lavish amount while the fact remains that they are not inclined to worldly pleasures at the core as they only wish to possess the worthy stuff. Native individuals with Jupiter in 2nd house would definitely possess many more channels of income in general planetary placements but the placement of Venus is a significant aspect for Jupiter as the impacts of both planets would affect each other. 

Apart from this the planet Jupiter in 2nd house would necessarily bestow the native with wiser composition of mind which would enable it to appear in words and then to receive admiration from others. In the same way the other planetary placements in birth horoscope chart would not be favoring all positive impacts of Jupiter in 2nd house. 

Then the individuals native should keenly pursue all the social services and donations for needy and poor people. The planetary position and placement of Jupiter in 2nd house is thus an additional impact with other planetary positions for native.

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