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Jupiter in 11th house

Jupiter in 11h house gives you very respectable career in the field of.... see career astrology.

Astrology for planet Jupiter in 11th house
Jupiter planet is a benefic influence with pleasant celestial presence providing supreme results in astrological arena. It does not leave any malefic impacts. Arrival of Jupiter in 11th house blesses the person with supreme heights of success which are adorned to a even more wise and respectful blend of mind.

Natives with the placement of Jupiter in 11th house are truly humanitarian and generous for their social arena. They carry a mature and wise approach for which they also tend to have strong and true relations. This brings them benefits from social standing with good fortune in relations. They definitely get to true and admirable support from surroundings which are a significant part of their success.

The individuals of this placement of Jupiter are truly attached to relationships in social circle as this means everything to them for true pleasure in group and friend involvements. These individuals remain truly helpful for almost everyone around them due to which they are blessed to receive great help also. The natives with Jupiter in 11th house are untouched with selfishness and respect everybody’s presence and place in world. As they are free souls from core they are very open to world and possess high endurance. There are adverse impacts upon things and relatives associated with planet Mercury, Venus and Rahu for being inimical towards them. Also it leaves impact over spouse of native, sisters, daughter and father’s sister in much an adverse manner bringing difficulties to them.

Natives of the placement would definitely possess depth in life with comfortable and prosperous life till time they live with father or joint family. These people should always wear something of gold as this reduces malefic impacts of placement and also wear a copper bangle. They are also advised to worship and offer water to Peepal tree.

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