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Jupiter in 10th house

 Jupiter in tenth house and career astrology

The planet Jupiter or Guru is a all-powerful announcement of absolute acumen & ability and is a Guru of all angelic bodies. The accession of Jupiter in 10th abode would accommodate absolutely admired and admirable abode to citizenry in the able as able-bodied as amusing arena. This adjustment would absolve the being with acceptable & alternative able opportunities in life.

Astrology of planet Jupiter in 10th house
The presence of planet Jupiter is a divine expression of supreme wisdom and knowledge which is a Guru of all celestial bodies. While the arrival of Jupiter in 10th house provides truly respected and admired place to natives in professional and social arena. Therefore this placement of Jupiter definitely blesses person with good and varied professional opportunities in their life.

The natives with Jupiter in 10th house carry a wise and mature approach of career. They would be better aware of career and be sincere and determined in their workplace though these individuals would not be counted amongst the strict people. They would be highly generous and soft personalities though not careless. These individuals with Jupiter in 10th house are admired around the world in professional and social arenas with high respect. These people carry morals and ethics to workplace as they would not be players in politics. These individuals are deep believers of success and with their inner strength they would win over most of hurdles in their path. Besides this, their knowledge and intellect would also further strengthen your path.

Natives who have Jupiter in 10th house are satisfying and lead a peaceful professional life path for which they get good affluence with growth. Instead their stature of reverence is high than most of their finances. Besides with the 10th house in birth horoscope belongs to Saturn and this impacts many influences from the planet on individuals. According to astrological studies, being cunning and crafty is beneficial for these natives which bring many more benefits from Jupiter.

Placement of Sun in 4th house is appearing positive for the placement as it further enhances positive impact of Jupiter. Besides this, the placement of Venus and Mars in 4th house along with this placement would result in more than one marriage of natives. Apart from this the placement of friendly planets in 2nd, 4th and 6th house is positive for wealth and prosperity of life. Malefic impacts on Jupiter in 10th house bring agony and miseries to person besides which they would be deserted from wife, children and ancestral wealth. People born in placement of Jupiter in 10th house are advised not to build temple within the house arena.

They must apply always a tilak of saffron over head and almonds be offered in religious places wherever possible. They should offer copper coins in a running water or river for continuous 43 days for reducing malefic effects of this placement. These natives must always clean their nose before beginning any work.

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