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Career Astrology : Jupiter in pisces

Career Astrology : Jupiter in Pisces may make one an expert in statecraft or administration. He may be a very famous and popular leader or officer with firm determination and fearless disposition. He is well known for his public works. He may get his wealth and income from the govt. He may be a govt. employee or a public servant.

Astrology for Jupiter in Pisces
The planet Jupiter is a benefic presence for individuals born with this impactful placement of Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces individuals attracts good fortune when they also become tender, devoted and giving and when they look out for underdog.

As a water sign Pisces, and with placement of Jupiter you would have a strong belief in a higher power.  Natives individuals born under Jupiter in Pisces attract good luck and richer life experience supporting imagination and compassion. Helping people in need boosts morale and best days of year to realize goals include when Sun is in Jupiter sign, Pisces and when Sun is in fellow water signs, cancer and Scorpio.

Jupiter in Pisces would provide the natives an opportunity to develop true wisdom, sympathy and emotional warmth. With devout feelings, spiritual yearning and strong imagination, intuitive feelings and capacity for secluded study would produce genuine mystical enlightenment. These qualities would definitely expand personality with life experience. With stage of life approaching you might make personal sacrifice to fulfill ideal of a worthwhile service.

Jupiter in Pisces people attracts good luck for they are devoted and compassionate. These natives would love to care for those who are less fortunate than themselves. Helping others would fill a need deep within them. Jupiter in Pisces people is empathic when they can feel the world’s pain. They are imaginatives and creative so that they get to express themselves using the arts. They turn out to be talented with healing arts of all kind.

Jupiter in Pisces people are attracted to occult. They would be content to remain behind the scenes to help. They do not intend to seek the spotlight. These individuals are sensitive but easy going. They would not need lot many things to get content in life. They would however follow religious or mystical practices. Being prone to being taken advantage of due to their compassionate nature they would see many situations.  

These natives like seclusion. Jupiter in Pisces are good folks when it comes to social work, counseling and ministry work. They do volunteer for organizations that would help homeless or poor. On negative side, they would drift so far into fantasy that they would rely on drugs and methods to take them away from reality. They would not discriminate well between what is good or bad for themselves. They would have trouble with consistency. Meditation would help deal with stressful issues. In order to attract the most good of fortunes, Jupiter in Pisces people need to focus on sensitivity in healthy directions. They essentially must stop listening to little voice inside, which tells them they need to escape.


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