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Career Astrology : Jupiter in 6th house

Career AstrologyUttarakalamrita has upheld Jupiter in 6th house or Venus in the 12th Bhava in matters of giving affluence. As a rule, natural benefits in the 6th Bhava are never welcome. Narayan Bhatt says that Jupiter in 6th house may give success over rivals in profession.  career astrology explains such a natives may have earnings from cattle, animals, conveyance and vehicles. 

Astrology of Jupiter in 6th house 
The astrological significance of planet Jupiter is in a calm and wise presence in the 6th house is exquisite from peace aspects. This leads to a pleasant placement of Jupiter in 6th house in general bringing variations with difference in placements but this provides a benefic impact to the individuals to a great extent. 

Natives of this placement of the Jupiter in 6th house have brihaspati in 6th bhava and are respected personalities at work place for being truly peaceful and flexible with others besides which they are admired for being understanding as well as truly helpful. These natives would stand out as most intellectual and good with work, besides which they provide services to all needy people even at their workplace. 

They would not demand from superiors or juniors. They would see people with different visions and share the common relation of humanity, respect and friendship with all. Natives of this placement of Jupiter in 6th house stay happy at work and seek happiness in helping others. Placement of Jupiter in 6th house brings the blend of impacts from the combined planetary influence of Mercury, Jupiter and Ketu to the individuals. 

This benefic placement of Jupiter in 6th house would definitely make person a spiritual and philosophical by nature and he or she would also be blssed with all natural goodness and this translates into a truly spiritual life for them. While being benign in approach not casting doubts or jealousy is a indeed great nature quality it also influences people to stay with their good nature and work towards the betterment of all works and expectations. Providing donations of money and including services to needy from the auspicious side of elders makes to deliver more positive impacts upon native’s life. 

With the benefic placement of Ketu with this placement makes the person somewhat self centered while a malefic placement of Ketu in 6th bhava along with the malefic placed Mercury brings misfortune to natives till age of 34 years. Also it would bring asthma problems to the native’s father. 

These individuals should offer things related to Jupiter in temples or other pious places while offering clothes to the temple priest as well. Under this influence of planetary placement and with Jupiter in 6th house feeding cocks would be an advantage for better life and adds significant benefits to the natives.

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