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Jupiter in 7th house

Career Astrology : The planet Jupiter or Brihaspati is perceived to be a advantageous planet for which it is believed to be an advantageous attendance in the 7th abode area the accession of Jupiter would accord acceptable and adorable aisle of alliance and relationships. Besides this, it is a giver of calm and balmy brainy accord forth with the backbone of accustomed grace. 

Astrology of planet Jupiter in 7th house 
The planet Jupiter or Brihaspati has been elevated to be a benefic planet which is perceived to be an auspicious presence from 7th house. Here the arrival of Jupiter bestows good and pleasing path of marriage as well as relationships. 

The presence of Jupiter in 7th house provides the individuals deep natured calm and warm mental composure, with strength of natural grace. The natives from this placement provide individuals in Jupiter with 7th house to carry a very friendly and flexible attitude besides which they also carry a wise approach of life. They are truly humanitarian from their core for which these people are certainly believed to have many strong relations. 

These people with the Jupiter in 7th house are liked by numerous people around them and keep people binded to them for long. These are efficient enough to keep relations alive till their very end as they take care of them like jewel or treasury. Natives with the placement of Jupiter in 7th house would pay all required concerns to relationships and so on such that they are bestowed to have a peaceful and blissful marriage and love. These natives get benefited from relations for which they are truly auspicious for them. This aspect is from a truly benevolent core. 

Apart from all this benefic influence for individuals with Jupiter in 7th house these people are over optimistic as well as sweet in relationships which is at times a big reason for their very own sufferings. These people are often believed to be successful from their legal matters. 

Placement of Brihaspati or Jupiter in 7th house gets impacted from planet Venus and so on which also provides impacts of both Jupiter and Venus to these natives. While inclusion of placement of Moon leaves some effects. Natives of this placement get blessed with marriages as this comes along with better luck and individuals are surely blessed with good children and are quiet attached with most comforts. 

Placement of the malefic Jupiter in 7th house and Saturn in 9th bhava takes person to the immoral pursuits including thefts. Besides from this the placement of Mercury in the 9th house brings problems and difficulties in the conjugal path of person. With the increasing malefic Jupiter there would be situation where it does not let the person to get benefitted as well as supported by brothers. It would also not let person have good relation with the authority people. Natives of this placement having Jupiter in 7th house, must offer to donate clothes to reduce adverse impacts of malefic  planet Jupiter while staying away from poverty. 

These people should devotedly worship Lord Shiva though he or she should not keep idols of Gods inside their house. These people must keep their gold and in part tied within yellow cloth and similarly should stay away from yellow dressed sages.

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