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Career Astrology : Jupiter in leo

Career Astrology : Jupiter in Leo may make one a minister or a ruler. He may have kingly status in any  walk of life. He is learned and victorious over enemies. He may be wealthy too.

Astrology horoscope for Jupiter in Leo
Jupiter planet in the individual’s birth horoscope is greatly attracting much good fortune which they express most magnanimously. These individuals with Jupiter in Leo show generosity to others. They also inspire confidence to people around them, conducting themselves with dignity and sincerity while also avoiding the pitfall of being excessively egoistic. These people prosper in many areas of creative arts, entertainment, children bearing and recreations.

The Jupiter planet is in the benefic impact for sign Leo which can identify with native’s own opinions, beliefs as well as perceptions and this is taken sometimes personally if others would disagree with them! Natives with Jupiter in Leo need to make their own opportunities, while using the best in thinking for bigger terms, or taking calculated risk or even displaying confidence.

In better times for a year, when natives intend to realize their goals are when Sun is in Jupiter sign, Leo and when Sun is in fellow fire signs like those for Aries and Sagittarius. Jupiter planet’s placement in Leo sign gives individuals the opportunity to develop the dignified, optimistic, honest, self confident,  and generous nature. This also provides them with strong leadership qualities. With the help of honor, status and prestige likely to get to the individuals, this is also necessary experience to reinforce their ego. It provides them with feeling of self worth as well as social importance. From these qualities and experiences you would gain better grasp of social integrations and personality expansion. As an individual’s duty is to inspire, invigorate and lead others, so is the Leo person able to achieve feats in areas of politics, religion, counseling, moral development, philosophy or higher education.


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