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Career Astrology : Jupiter in aquarius

Career Astrology : Jupiter in Aquarius  may give an evil nature. Such a natives may have a bad livelihood or he may head downtrodden people. It may make one a leader of terrorists or criminals.

Astrology of Jupiter in Aquarius
Jupiter in Aquarius produces great new benefic influences which attract good fortune for the individual. The placement of Jupiter in Aquarius makes the individual tolerant, inventive, impartial and cooperative.

Jupiter in Aquarius people are their best when they have freedom of choice, when they break a few rules and are thinking out of box. In this air sign, Jupiter makes individual adventurous, ready and willing to learn and less attached to values than others since they are generally quite impartial and open minded. They are able to observe many sides to an argument. Better times of a year when they need to realize their goals include when Sun is in sign of Jupiter, Aquarius and when Sun would be in fellow air signs of Gemini and Libra.

Jupiter in Aquarius provides an opportunity to the individual natives to become independent, self willed, broad minded, optimistic, humanitarian, democratic and original in nature. They have an innate desire to penetrate deep subjects in life like social science, technology, philosophy, astrology, religion, metaphysics, and occult wisdom. These qualities become necessary in order that one can expand personality as well as life experience. Social life is important to them and they tend to associate with friends about seeking to pioneer into something new or nobler way of life for humanity. In this they understand that with any form of social reforms they would need to be in line with humanitarian and moral principles.

Natives who intend to make world better for everyone would find themselves as union leaders, shop stewards or volunteers. They are excellent at networking and inspire people around them to do bigger and better things. They have no problem getting followers or being popular. They can be unconventional, while breaking new ground in any endeavor since they try new things willingly. They would not be afraid to step away from tradition to make new discoveries. Some call them genius, while others eccentric.

Jupiter in Aquarius people is not afraid to be different. They are spiritual and artistic. They are sociable and love to share ideas. While they find themselves as activist, artist, scientist inventor or in occult, they are full of visionary ideals and innovative ideas. They would seek luck by putting themselves in situations placing value on innovation and original thinking. To gather even more good fortune, Jupiter in Aquarius needs to learn to compromise.


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