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Career Astrology : Jupiter in 1st house

Career AstrologyBy and large, Jupiter in 1st house is upheld as the most beneficial one. Narayan Bhatt and Jeevanath Jha say that Jupiter in Lagan makes one earn one’s livelihood by virtue of one & own merits. Varaha Mihira says that it makes one learned, it has very important role in career astrology. 

Astrology of jupiter in 1st house 
Jupiter is a stellar influence on the astrological birth horoscope of individual. A natives born with the Jupiter planet in 1st house exerts a most auspicious presence in astrological arena. Besides this the planet bestows natives with almost all attributes of Guru or Master of planets. 

With Jupiter in 1st house, there is impact of bringing positive shades to native’s life path. These individuals, who have Jupiter in 1st house, are believed to be wise souls who are endowed with great wisdom and knowledge. This is following from a strong and well paved education from which they attain good learning in their lives. Besides, these people who have their Jupiter in ascendant, allows them to have a positive as well as practical vision in life. They would have a mature understanding with the best in dignified manners. 

With Jupiter in 1st house, these people are broad minded personalities who are loyal from their core, while being born with aspect of humanitarian, philosophical and benevolent blend in their soul. This makes all such natives of Guru in 1st house to be admired and respected by many people around them. Jupiter as ascendant would make these individuals possess special significance of spirituality which they would believe in deep manner. With a deep belief upon divine presence for which they pursue variant spiritual rituals would accomplish many of their social responsibilities. They are truly kind and sympathetic, while they would also believe in purity of core. 

These natives of Jupiter in 1st house are expected to attain good heights from untainted path. This is so from the fact that they would keep walking over their moral and principled direction even during difficult times. The natives would make others learn from them. All in all the presence of Jupiter is influence like no other planet. This is magnificent, including best positive impact on individuals while allowing for great admiration from people and society.

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