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Rahu in eigth house

Career Astrology : The local might use cash pointlessly on court cases. Family life might be antagonistically influenced. Assuming that Mars is benefic and is set in first or 8th House or Saturn (benefic) is put in 8th House, the local will be extremely rich


1. A square piece made up of silver should be kept

2. Put saunf under the pillow before sleeping

3. Completely ignore any kind of work in electricity department.

Astrology of Rahu in 8th house
Rahu is one of the many malefic planets in celestial arena for it is perceived to being adversity to human lives even though other planetary placements support it brings some positive shades at times. People born with Rahu in 8th house lack sincerity and seriousness in approach to life. They are people of amusement who think of having fun for most of time at any cost. They could turn disloyal and untrue at times, betray others in relationships for which they rarely possess strong relations.

Natives with Rahu in 8th house would make lavish spending in life at some places they would also be compelled to do so as in court cases or upon unworthy people. Besides it would also affect their personal life as they confront many difficulties in maintaining relationships and confront the lack of peace in family. If benefic Mars gets placed over 1st or 8th house and Saturn gets placed over 8th house then this malefic placement of Rahu in 8th house turns somewhat benefic to make person richer and bring him success on land. Natives of this placement of Rahu in 8th house keep a square piece of silver always with them and keep some amount of Saunf below pillow while sleeping. They should not work in any electricity or power department or associated arenas. This could bring them some betterment in life. If Rahu is posited in 8th house natives would become miserable suffering from rheumatism and have few children and indulge in impure actions.

 Rahu in 8th house forces person to learn to accept another’s financial help. Money is obtained through partners. Legacies are promised and sometime in life they are forced to learn the acceptance of humility of taking from others. Strong interest in occult or hidden side of life is noticed as a rescue from material world. Learning from idea or reality of death and regeneration is strongly noticed in the case. If afflicted then fear of poverty, financial losses, and physical weakness according to sign at the 8th house is observed.

8th house in a horoscope indicates both life and longevity. It also indicates whether the natives would have a natural death or from other causes. It represents loss, misery, nature and place of death, sudden unexpected gains and difficulties in life of natives. Effects of Rahu in 8th house when it is benefic would make natives lead a comfortable life. Malefic Rahu means there would be unnecessary expenses on legal issues, leaving adverse impact on family life.

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