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Rahu in 3rd house

Career Astrology : Third House has a place with Mercury and is impacted by Mars. The point when Rahu is benefic the local will get a charge out of incredible fortune and a long life. He will be daring and a dedicated companion. He will be triumphant over his foes; can never be an indebted person. He might desert property. 22nd year of his existence might be of advancement. However if Rahu is malefic in 3rd House then his siblings and relatives might squander his cash. His cash once acquired might never be returned. He might have blemished discourse and might be an irreligionist.

Never carry on with yourself ivory or belongings of ivory in the home.

Astrology of Rahu in 3rd house
Rahu is believed to be malefic presence in astrological arena though it is benefic at times and depending on planetary placements. The third house belongs to planet Mercury and is affected by the planet Mars for which it would be impacted by the placements of Mercury and Mars in the horoscope chart.

If Rahu gets a benefic placement then, native would have Rahu in 3rd house will enjoy a good life surrounded with all comforts and pleasures. They will attain good affluence and remarkable place in professional and personal arena with admirable growth in 22nd year of their life. The pleasant appearance of Rahu in 3rd house brings longetivity also. Apart from this natives would possess much valor and vigor with true loyalty inside. They would defeat their enemies and stay at a safer side without any debt as they would desert such wealth behind. On other hand malefic placement of Rahu in 3rd house brings loss to native as brothers and relatives waste their money and people do not return their money once borrowed. Native would lack at communication skills and they would not be able to speak impressively. Evil impacts of Rahu could take the person against spirituality and moral path.

The placement of Sun and Mercury with Rahu makes their sister a widow in 22nd or 32 years of native’s life. Native should keep stuff of ivory near them for reducing malefic effects of placement. When Rahu in 3rd house foolish friends of native cause more harm than wise enemies. He gets good promotions of job and acquires lots of property.

Rahu in 3rd house makes native wealthy and blessed with poverty. He would be of a helpful nature and not cause much damage to enemies. Rahu in 3rd house natives are completely in a great position. This is place of correspondence and force, so Rahu would feel extremely good here with native becoming a great media man in this position. This is likely a decent house for Rahu for specialized field. On the off chance the other situation additionally being solid and firm then these locals would effortlessly change their calling as political pioneers. 

Rahu in 3rd house at birth the native is proud, inimical to his co-born, wealthy, long lived and strong willed. Rahu is benefic to native carrying great wealth and long life. He would be fearless and loyal friend. He would be a clairvoyant for seeing future in dreams and would never be useless.

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