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Rahu in 6th house

Career Astrology : In the vicinity of a 6th House Rahu, there might be no impacts of the malefic on the House. This is in light of the fact that Rahu is lifted up in the 6th House. An individual with a 6xth House Rahu is generally rich. Anyhow, the actuality is that such an individual does not use cash on the things that he needs. Such an individual normally uses cash on pointless things as he is the sort of individual who adores sowing off what he has. Commonly, an individual with a 6th House Rahu insults others because of this conduct. Such an individual does not give a second thought what other think and continues doing what he does in the same way. Subsequently, such an individual generally is included in a great deal of contentions and squabbles. Anyway, such an individual may as well recall, to the point that his ruin is ensured provided that he is included in a fight with a senior sibling or sister. An individual with a 6th House Rahu will generally be tolerant and euphoric inside himself. In the event that Moon is connected with Rahu or Ketu, the local will have sexual contact with women of ruler's crew. It is likewise accepted that in the vicinity of a 6th House Rahu, an individual will be rich and long lasting. Such an individual may additionally endure due to maladies identified with private parts. An individual with a 6th House Rahu will additionally experience the ill effects of the wicked impact of malefic planets. Be that as it may, with endeavors it is conceivable that the local's adversaries will normally be wrecked. Such an individual will endure misfortune of notoriety by virtue of his maternal uncle. An individual with a 6th House Rahu will generally be sound however limit minded. Some solutions for


Pet black dog should be buyed by the person

The individual should always carry on a black glass in his pocket.

Astrology predictions for Rahu in 6th house
Rahu is perceived to be a malefic presence in general though depending on planetary placements in horoscope chart it could also appear pleasant at times. Placement of Rahu in 6th house brings some positive impacts in native’s life. The 6th house is ruled by planet Mercury and Ketu. It is Ketu which gets exalted for which it brings pleasant results to natives.

Placement of Rahu in 6th house bestows gains to individual and there would be good affluence at native’s home. Natives with Rahu in 6th house would make a lot of lavish spending and specially over clothing, leading a comfortable and amusing life altogether.

Natives of this placement of Rahu in 6th house would not have much pressure from work and they would not take worries at work as they remain calm and fun loving with work but their intellect makes them to go to good heights in profession. They do not need to put much efforts and hard work to grow besides which they would triumph over most of hurdles and emerge safe at workplace. Apart from this malefic placement of Rahu in 6th house brings problems to native’s brothers and friends while placement of Mercury or Mars in 12th house is another reason for malefic effects. This adverse placement leads to loss of wealth and health problems to native. Sneezing while going to work is sign of bad results for the natives.

With Rahu in 6th house they should keep a black dog at home for betterment of life and keep a lead nail in pocket for most of times. They should never harm their brothers and sisters. Natives would have luxury, and is strong over his enemies. Problems are sorted in short time and they have a brilliant mind. Rahu in 6th house shows progress in all spheres of life.

Money, respect, pleasure with wealth are routes which will be opened in life. His enemies and opponents will be defeated by his gallantry. He will qualify in examinations and succeed in competitions. He will be a winner in quarrels and fights. If the enemy planets are aspecting or effecting, then there can be fights over money matters. Care should be taken towards court matters. Anxiety and haziness can increase during this period. Construction can face hiccups. Family frictions lead to mental tension. Rahu in 6th house makes them spend money on other women, causing a monetary crisis. There can be an injury due to a motor accident.

Rahu in 6th house indicates a very strong position and is capable of defeating or finishing of all enemies. Natives is incomparable as they are intelligent, strong, powerful, and can set example of their working and attractive personality. Being knowledgeable with dignified personality they are normally known as a ruler. Natives travels abroad also.

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