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Rahu in 1st house

Career Astrology : The local will be physically feeble. This fusion additionally influences marriage and wedded life. The local may experience the ill effects of contradictions and squabbles in the wedded life. He will have a poor to decently exceptional wedded life, however not extremely productive. Individuals with this blend profit a ton from government and acquire great comes about because of the works identified with the administrative. The local will be brief; however will be to a great degree affluent and capable. He might experience the ill effects of the ailment in the upper part of his physique. The local will can demolish the force of his adversaries. He will go under the impact of anybody, quite effectively. The local may remain disconnected from his family and conjugal life, disregarding having numerous wives. The local with Rahu in the 1st House will see live minus all potential limitations and see every stage as experience. He is continually searching for chances to develop in each part of life. The point when un-developed in their own particular considerations, they make for elevated amounts of egocentricity with abnormal amounts of Spirituality. These individuals might have their peculiarity stifled promptly in life; however will in the long run find it at later stage of life. Rahu in this House gives the consequence of magnified Sun, however ruins the apples and oranges of the House in which Sun is put. Rahu likewise give terrible outcomes, if ketu mars and Saturn frail, any other way it gives exceptional effects when set in an ascendant. Assuming that Rahu is malefic the local might as well oppose from buying any electric supplies or blue/black apparel from his in-laws, else his child could be influenced antagonistically. The malefic aftereffect of this situation could keeps ticking work the age of 42 years.

A few solutions for individuals with an eleventh House Rahu are as accompanies: 

It is beneficial to wear iron

Never take any electric supplies for the diversion 

While drinking use silver glass

Don't keep blue sapphire, ivory or toys fit as a fiddle of an elephant

Astrology of Rahu in 1st house
The planet Rahu is one of the most inauspicious planetary presences as this is believed to bring many adverse impact to human lives. This shadowy planet called Rahu bestows negative impacts to native’s attitude. Rahu in the ascendant brings much harshness to attitude and hardships to their whole life though it would also take person to good heights.

Natives of Rahu in ascendant or 1st house are people born with valor and courage. They can carry potency of mind as well as body. People born with Rahu in 1st house appear tough in appearance and are mentally stable.

Natives with Rahu in 1st house are warm and affectionate folks in approach though they are looked as sympathetic at core. Natives of Rahu in 1st house possess a great dominating and potent place in professional and social arena. On other hand negative impacts from Rahu includes obstacles in native’s life for which they need to put many efforts and hard work for emerging safe and high. Besides natives could get wicked and hypocritical with attitude and play deceits. The female natives may have to get abortion, due to the presence of Rahu in 1st house with their spouses having health problems.

Rahu in 1st house are useful for natives. This planet brings for them a measure of bolster empowering to succeed in life. Additionally an indication of riches from scholarly outlook, they use a creative energy, imagination and have productive personality. While this position is useful for their wellbeing as well.

Rahu in the 1st house of the natives gives them distinction and a name of repute. This is sometimes even bad. The native is a man of convictions and has original ideas, is stubborn and self-willed. He does not submit to anyone’s ideas easily. People around him may be surprised by his un-bashfulness, but the native keeps moving on without hesitation. They achieve their objectives with great difficulty and have dizzying heights of distinction.

Natives achieve their ultimate goal of success and power building fame and wealth on their own. 
Their thoughts are chaotic with actions in hatred, fierce competition and revenge. Rahu makes the natives a self-centered or an egoistic being. Rahu in 1st house leads to economic condition of the person being enhanced in that year and the natives would save money. He will be independent decision-maker not needing anybody else’s help. He will be in the company of influential people gaining benefit from people in high positions. He will gain popularity by his important and effective actions.

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