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Rahu in12th house

Career Astrology : 12th House fits in with Jupiter. It implies room. Rahu here gives mental inconveniences, sleep deprivation. It additionally expedites intemperate consumption on sisters and little girls. In the event that Rahu is with its adversaries then it comes to be alongside difficult to make a decent living, notwithstanding hard labor. It likewise expedites false claims. One may even head off to the compelling of thinking over suicide. One has mental worries. Telling untruths, beguiling others and so on may make Rahu considerably more malefic. Assuming that some form wheezes at the begin of any new work if gives malefic impact. There may be burglary, illnesses or false affirmations. Provided that scratches is with Rahu here, then it gives exceptional outcomes.

Astrology of Rahu in 12th house
Rahu is one adverse placement in celestial arena bringing negative impact on native’s life for most of time. Placement of Rahu in 12th house brings harshness to native’s life as this is a quiet negative placement in horoscope chart. The natives born with Rahu in 12th house would confront high mental pressure in life and they could have insomnia.

This placement makes the natives commit high expenditure upon their sisters & daughters and which could be another reason for mental stress to the natives. Besides this, if Rahu gets placed along with its enemies then, it would be more difficult to earn good labor and to keep the finances balanced, even after giving the best of hard work & efforts. Life of these natives could be harsh and difficult till the extent of miseries and agonies leading towards the thoughts of suicide. They will have high mental worries due to this placement.

The natives of this placement of Rahu in 12th house should stay upon the true & loyal path.They should keep soul pure and attitude as moral because lying and deceiving would bring very adverse impacts to the natives’s life. This can turn Rahu more malefic for these people. Besides this, if anyone would sneeze at the beginning of any work then, that would result malefic for these natives. They might face unfair and untrue allegations. This could lead to loss of money and increase diseases for them. The placement of Mars with Rahu would provide pleasing results.

The natives of this placement of Rahu in 12th house should never take services from others and should take their meals by themselves. These people should keep saunf & khand under the pillow in the nights for the peace of mind and for good sleep.

Rahu in 12th house at birth makes a man squanderer of money, will indulge in sinful deeds and suffer from diseases like dropsy etc. In the event that Rahu in 12th house this year then, the natives will dependably get assistance from kind hearted and awesome companions. North heading will be useful for acquiring occupation and expanded good fortune. This year is beneficial for him and his in laws for monetary benefits. His enthusiasm for profound studies and yoga will increment. He will burn through cash for good motivations.

On the off chance that the adversary planets are aspecting or effecting then may need to battle in life. He will stay in an impassive, useless, tapped and entrapped circumstance. He can't land up into a bad situation by his deeds however can put his family in a bad position as a result of it. Any worker or a man working under him can give misfortunes of account. He may be trapped in lawful case. He will miss out to his foes. Awesome mental aggravation will happen because of loss of area, building or vehicle. Betting, hypothesis and gift can bring  him overwhelming misfortune.


1. Ones meal should be taken in the kitchen itself.

2.when you are going to sleep it’s better to. Keep’ Saunf and khand ‘under the pillow


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