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Rahu in 5th house

Career Astrology : 5fth House fits in with Sun, which means male posterity. In the event that Rahu is benefic local will be rich, savvy, appreciate exceptional health. He might revel in exceptional wage and great advance. The local might be an ardent or rationalist. Provided that Rahu is malefic it prompts premature births. After the life commencement of a child, wife's health will languish over twelve years. Assuming that Jupiter is likewise in fifth House father of local will be in a bad position.


1. You should keep an elephant made up of silver.

2. Refrain from adultery, wine and non-vegetarianism 

3. Remarry your wife.

4.The natives should wear silver in any form.

5.He should offer 400gm coriander or almonds or both in the flowing water.

Astrology of Rahu in 5th house
Rahu is a well perceived celestial presence though its placement gets impacted from other planets making it appear beneficial and adverse at times. This also comes out with picture of progeny, love and education of these natives.

Pleasant placement of Rahu in 5th house blesses natives with good affluence and wise blend of attitude making them have good growth on land. These people would be truly spiritual and philosophical in their approach. They would carry a learned personality. The natives having Rahu in 5th house would lead a respected life with peace and persistence. The malefic placement of Rahu in 5th house would bring adverse impact and bitterness in the native’s life with the major obstacle of problems in child-birth or abortions. After the birth of the son, the spouse’s health would suffer for continuous 12 years. Apart from this, the placement of Jupiter along with Rahu in 5th house would result in problems to the native’s father.

The natives of this placement should keep along or wear an elephant made of silver like a pendant for most of the time. This would reduce the adverse impacts making the person stay away from alcohol, non vegetarian food and adultery for whole life. These natives should formally arrange to remarry their spouse, as it defends their first marriage from perceived breakage and failure. When Rahu occupies the 5th house at birth, the natives will have nasal touch in his speech. He will be childless, hard hearted and will suffer from pain in the stomach.

Rahu in 5th house is considered neither good or bad, but it surely makes the person wise with an impressive personality. He has both creativity and intelligence in the 5th house. Gains through investment can also be expected but in this case rahu should be strong. The only negative aspect of this house is impact of rahu on progeny. The person may have no child or there may be difficulty in conceiving. There can also be major difference of time between the births of children. There could also be miscarriage.  

It has also been observed that such natives get children at an older age. If the natives has children, he has to face problems in the health of children or settlement of children. There could also be difference of opinion between the parents and children. One  or other reason, the natives has to suffer or face problem due to children.  Rahu in 5fth house indicates pleasure in regard to the children, who will be intelligent and have a generous measure of luck in life. This position is also fortunate for an artist, or anyone who is connected with matters that appeal to the mind.

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