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Rahu in 9th house

Career Astrology : 9th House is impacted by Jupiter. Provided that the local has great connection with ones siblings and sisters it is productive; else it would antagonistically influence the local. Provided that the local is not religious minded then his offspring might be futile for him. Callings affected by Saturn might be productive. 

Assuming that Jupiter is in fifth or eleventh House then it is pointless. Assuming that Rahu is unpropitious in 9th House then risks of siring a child are less, exceptionally if local records court arguments against one's blood connection. Rahu is in 9th and first House is void then health could be antagonistically influenced and one gets offended and mental issues, uncommonly from older.


1. Tilak of saffron should be used daily

2. Wear gold.

3. Have a dog always with you (it saves ones young).

4. Maintain a healthy relation with in-laws.

Astrology for Rahu in 9th house
Placement of Rahu in 9th house in horoscope chart is many times a harsh placement which is believed to bring adverse impact for most of time. Here in 9th house also Rahu would bring adverse impacts with negative shades on native’s life. Natives of this placement of Rahu in 9th house are quiet unstable at the core and would lack true understanding of life and world. They are completely true and honest from core due to which they would confront hurdles and difficulties of life. Besides the natives would not possess good relations with people around or would only have few relations in their life.

People of this placement of Rahu in 9th house are somewhat against spirituality and would not truly believe on divine presence and they are far away from arena of philosophy. They can be found on an immoral path while in truth they themselves would not be able to see the difference between wrong and right. Natives born with Rahu in 9th house receive some benefits and reduction of malefic effects of Rahu, if the natives could maintain strong and pleasing relations with brothers and sisters keeping them near. Besides not being spiritual they also affect the progeny of natives in adverse way and that this progeny would appear useless for person. These natives are advised to pursue profession associated with Saturn as this takes them to great heights.

Placement of Jupiter in 5th and 11th house along with Rahu in 9th house leaves natives deserted from positive impacts of Jupiter besides which malefic placement of Rahu creates impediments in having son and further enhanced if they would file any court case against anyone in blood relations. An empty 1st and 9th house brings some health problems to person and brings lack of peace of mind leading to defamations to person and insult from elders. These people should put a saffron Tikal over their head as daily routine in morning and wear gold for betterment. They must keep a dog at home for reducing malefic effects of Rahu and also keep pleasant relations with in-laws for benefic impacts on one’s life.

With Rahu in 9th house natives are blessed with riches, brocaded garments, large number of servants, jewels and a general feeling of happiness.  It makes the native the master of his thought and a very self-satisfied person. He will also expect people to accept his thought process and adopt his scheme of things with general satisfaction in his life. The native is interested in new formulations whether it is scientific or philosophical. Rahu in the 9th House, initiates many long travels, they can be adventurous and risk taking, sometimes unplanned.

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