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Rahu in seventh house

Career Astrology : Local will be rich, yet wife might endure. He might be successful over his foes. In the event that the marriage happens soon after twenty one years, it might be foreboding. He might have great relations with the legislature. In any case assuming that he participates all hands on deck associated with Rahu, such as electrical supplies, and then he will have misfortunes. Local might experience the ill effects of cerebral pain and if Mercury, Venus or Ketu is in eleventh House, then sister, wife or child might devastate the local


1. Mairrage should be done only after the age of 21 years.

2. Tender six coconuts if possible in river.

Astrology of Rahu in 7th house
Rahu is generally perceived to be adverse and inauspicious. The presence of Rahu in 7th hose brings adverse negative impacts on aspects of this house or hurdles in path of native even if other planetary placements reduce negativity of Rahu’s presence.

Natives of Rahu in 7th house are dominating on many people though they would possess very few bonds. There may be many people standing around but most of them would not be trustworthy for which these natives would not be completely loyal in relationships. They would confront many obstacles in developing relationships and have many enemies around though they emerge safe even then.

Natives of Rahu in 7th house find difficulties in getting married and also have some hurdles in conjugal path which is not good for natives who want to get married before 21 years of age. Natives would possess good relations with government, strong bonded relation with people of authority being beneficial for them. While people who are weaker than them would keep relations with them for their own self-interests.

These people with Rahu in 7th house confront much losses if they would get involved in pursuits associated with Rahu like electrical equipment. Besides if Mercury, Venus or Ketu get placed on 11th house then native suffers from headaches and their sister, wife or son would also receive worst effects as taking them to a very poor situation. These natives with Rahu in 7th house need to confer six coconuts in a flowing river for reduction of malefic effects.

 A prospect of love marriage is high when Rahu is situated in ascendant and Jupiter is aspecting the 7th house. Rahu forms relations with the 7th house resulting in non traditional marriage. Native enters into a marriage without considering tradition and culture of family.

Rahu in 7th house often signifies that marriage or partnership activities are extremely important. Marriage or business partner is usually more mature than native. This person would work with a partner to learn the balance it takes to do this. They are very charming polite and diplomatic in general expression or communication. Afflictions threatens their separation from parents as well as lawsuits. When afflicted evil results would happen which may adversely affect native’s health, reputation and relation with government. Sudden fall from position could happen.

Rahu in 7th House gives troubles in personal life, can lead to death of life partner or divorce if placed in weak position or affairs with people from different forms of groups. Rahu in 7th house person will have good wealth, but wife will be sick. He will win over his enemies. If the person accepts to get married before twenty one years, it will be inauspicious.

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