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Rahu in 2nd house

Career astrology : Rahu in 2nd House : if Rahu is in benefic structure in second House one gets cash, glory and exists like a lord. Assuming that Jupiter is benefic then the local will live the early years of his existence in riches and solace. Provided that Rahu is malefic the local will be poor and have an awful family life, experience the ill effects of intestinal issue. The local is slaughtered by a weapon and is unable to spare cash. In the tenth, 21st to 42nd years of his existence, he loses riches by burglary and so on.


1. Try to carry silver ball always in your pocket

2. Put on things related with Jupiter, akin to gold, yellow fabric, saffron etc.

3. Carry on jovial relations with ones mother.

4. Never take any electrical equipment from in-laws

Astrology of Rahu in 2nd house
Rahu is a planet of most malefic presence bringing many difficulties and hurdles to native’s life. The planet’s arrival in 2nd house brings good affluence and strong position to native as if other planetary placements also are supportive. The person is entrusted a royal and aristocratic life.

People with Rahu in 2nd house are having a long path of life. If Rahu is placed then it is adversely impacted upon by other planetary placements, such that natives could confront a poor life with bad times for family in agony and problems prevailing with intestinal disorders possible.  People with Rahu in 2nd house are not able to save money and could turn to evil deeds when these natives have danger from weapons and theft.

Natives with Rahu in 2nd house do not carry much effective eloquence by which these people would not have any impressive presence on others. They should keep a solid silver ball in pocket to reduce malefic effects and pay all respect and services to mother and motherly women. Natives should not take any electrical equipment from their in-laws. When Rahu is in 2nd house it would act very fast in giving the results. Domestic life is excellent though financial conditions are determined from Jupiter. Natives would get lots of wealth when Saturn comes to house with No.1 in transit and Jupiter is a benefic influence. But since Saturn is malefic it would give negative results.

Natives is expected to be wealthy and charitable person with temper of a king. He would be blessed with good health and long life. When Rahu gives benefic results it would give wealth to them for 25 years. Natives should not accept donations otherwise they may lose their kingdom. Rahu in 2nd house causes problem for earnings, when they feel difficulties in finding stable source of income. They may have to face situations when they have to depend on others for their existence.

Natives needs to develop their own resources as early as possible so that they may face obstacles and hindrances in achieving the aim. The natives would remain poor and lead a difficult life for himself with family as well. It has also been observed that such natives may choose wrong path to earn money quickly. Presently the second house Rahu offers riches, great connection with relatives and lavish life like imperial individuals.

Rahu in 2nd house makes the natives a very harsh spoken individuals. These people would always try to get a higher status in society. Their attitude towards family is different. Rahu in 2nd house  makes the person very much a liar. Second house also represents food and our taste towards food. Rahu in 2nd house  makes the person to live in a foreign country.

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