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According to Astrology, Both Virgo and Gemini are scholarly and down to earth people. Their similar characteristics are fortified by the exceptional compatibility, which the couple will offer definitely at an erudite level. Due to their unexpressive nature, a little bit of misunderstanding might develop in between them. However, they can sustain their relation, if Gemini learns to be passionate by Virgo and Virgo teaches Gemini to be firm and determined in life. 

Virgo Man’s Match with Gemini Woman 
The ability to understand each other’s feelings and thoughts between this duo would help to strengthen the bond between them. Gemini Woman and Virgo Man posses’ intellectual approach towards life, however, their different approaches may result in quarrels. Honesty and respecting each other’s opinion would help this couple in sustaining their relation.  They may as well find courses to adjust his basic nature and her roughness.

Virgo Woman’s Match with Gemini Man
Mutual understanding is the key factor in making this relation long last for the two love birds. They both think and respond on same grounds. At the same time, a lifelong flight of this similarity could be underpinned by conformities. His naughty nature will fuel her desire. Her nonstop exhortation may pester him and make him feel trapped. It would work well, if Gemini Man needs to control his coquettish tendencies and Virgo lady needs to give the Gemini man his particular space.

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