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Leo is egoistic and proud in nature, at the same time Scorpios have possessive and desirous nature. This uncommon relation could result in quarrels and could finish on bitterness. Scorpions may not tolerate Leo's supremacy and royal approach towards love.

Scorpio Man Matching with Leo Women 

A Leo lady always crave for love and affection and additionally should not fulfill a Scorpio man's over demanding attitude. This love Matching is not compatible enough for them. The Scorpio man in his fury might touch off a battle with the Leo lady. Scorpio man appreciates Leo Women love and understanding yet can be out of control, if he discovers that it is just a posing. The Leo lady will get the required regards from the Scorpio man.

Scorpio Women Matching with Leo Man

A Leo man likes to live a lavish life and shows great love to his Scorpion lady. On the contrary, the scorpion Women dislikes his show-off for affection rather could be more slanted in the event that he shows consideration, care and love. Both are solid and forceful and not, one or the other of them could get a kick out of any chance to bow nor trade off. Scorpio lady could be fascinated by Leo man's compelling and courageous emotional makeup. On the other hand, for a Leo man, respectability and dedication are futile. With all these things taken into account, it is not a great Matching.

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