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Sagittarius and Cancerians have strikingly opposite characteristics. Cancerians is more emotional in nature whereas the Sagittarius is more direct and has a clear-cut approach. Both are intelligent and have friendly nature. But the inability of a Sagittarius to understand the Cancerians emotion leads to the misunderstanding. Also problem arises in the fact that the Sagittarius is more prone to wandering whereas cancerians loves their cozy nest. However these problems can be solved by giving space to each other.

Compatibility of Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman
Love can make anything happen and that is most applicable when it comes to Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman. Both have different characteristics but with little effort from each side the relationship can work. A Sagittarius Man needs to be a more caring towards his family life. On the other hand a Cancer Woman needs to get more spirited to match that of her partner. Though they are not the perfectly suited but as said love can make anything happen.

Compatibility of Sagittarius Woman and Cancer Man
The Sagittarius Woman and Cancer Man are not exactly made for each other but they may turn into a compatible one if both try a little. A cancer man has to pay more attention towards the needs of a Sagittarius woman. On the other hand a Sagittarius woman has to love him and his family like her own. Crossing of these hurdles successfully may bring a life of love and joy.

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