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Love compatibility : Gemini - Leo Love Compatibility

Astrology describes this couple as adventure lovers. They know how to spice up their life and the love relationship. They will have long interesting conversations and good fun together. But the problem begins when the Gemini lose their interest in this relationship and lacks commitment. This may infuriate Leo and also make them feel jealous. Leo are very weak and sensitive who give more importance to building long lasting relationships. They get hurt easily by Gemini’s lack of commitment. 

Compatibility of Gemini Man and Leo Woman

The Leo woman showers the Gemini Man with all her love, affection and kindness. This couple also scores quite decent in the love compatibility. Both of them never want to be alone and they prefer to be surrounded by people all the time. They are very good socializing couple.  This couple will never stay idle and they keep themselves busy with something. Also they get to learn a lot of new things from this relationship. He learns about life beyond flirting and knows the true meaning of a relationship. And, she on the other hand learns to keep her suspicious nature apart and believe in him.  

Compatibility of Gemini Woman and Leo Man

A Gemini woman and a Leo woman are one of the best love pairs according to astrology. Both of them are fun loving people who like to live life happily and party all the time. They share very romantic and intimate relationship which they cherish for a really long time. She gets attracted to his wit and charm and he likes her bubbly character. They can lead a happy life if they appreciate and respect each other. 

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