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Love compatibility : Gemini - Aries Love Compatibility

The Love combination of an Aries and a Gemini will never be boring and the love relationship is full of entertainment and fun always. Both these signs are matured enough to adjust to each other and also accept their differences.  Both of them respect each other for what they are and they also respect their independence and never try to dominate each other.  But on the negative side, the horoscope is not in their favor. Their astrological compatibility is not that great.  Aries may not be a good listener which may infuriate the Gemini and this may be the reason for many relationship problems.

Compatibility of Gemini Man and Aries Woman:

Both of them share high energy and enthusiasm in life. His charm and wit will help him in impressing his partner. In turn, she also impresses him with her smartness and beauty. Their relationship will not lose its magic even after the first phase in the love relationship.  Together, they will be leading a fun filled life with many adventures and new experiences. They are perfect couple for marriage and their horoscope also matches well. 

Compatibility of Gemini Woman and Aries Man

Astrology describes a love pair between a Gemini woman and a Aries Man as the most exhilarating couple. They can never be seen idle. Their high energy level and enthusiasm keeps them very busy always and together they are ready to explore the world. They also score high in love compatibility. A love relationship between these two people will have some minor problems but they understand each other well.


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